Airtel Landline Customer Care Number, Toll Free Numbers, Tariff Plans, Bill Payment

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Airtel Landline Customer Care is to help people regarding any issues of Airtel Landline connection and through its service centres it carries out the operations to solve and provide services that customers can avail and enjoy.

Airtel Landline Customer Care Details

If you are already an existent service seeker of Airtel landline and have any issues with regard to the services offered, bill payments, tariff plans, value added services you can contact the Airtel Landline Customer service centre contact numbers mentioned below.

Airtel Landline Toll Free Number | Airtel Landline Customer Care Number
Existing Airtel Landline customers can call to the Toll Free Number from their Airtel Landline numbers and can speak to the customer service representatives.
Toll Free Number : 121

If you are not able to contact from your phone and want to call the customer care number from other landlines/mobiles below is the list of customer care numbers provided for some of the cities in India.

Dial 44444121 by prefixing your STD code.
E-Mail :
Website :

*Note : 8 Digit number will be applicable to the major cities and for the other medium and small cities, the number is the same but you have to remove 4’s depending upon the number of digits you have in your telecom circle. If your telecom circle has only 6 digits then Airtel Landline Customer care number will be – 444121 and for seven digits the number will be 4444121.

Airtel Landline Tariff Plans
If you are looking for a new connection or would like to change you existing tariff plan, you can visit the company website provided above.

Airtel Landline Bill Payment
If you would like to pay your Landline bills then you can visit the following Airtel link and can do the same. You can pay your bills through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, and MPay.
For Airtel Landline Bill Payment please visit Airtel website.
For other Airtel Landline Directory services and other queries regarding Airtel telephone and broadband you can contact their call centre number mentioned above.

Customers can put forward their complaints regarding Airtel landline services by contacting the below customer care number.
Complaints – Dial 198

About Airtel Landline

Bharti Airtel limited is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company providing fixed land line and broadband services.

Airtel offers Fixed/Landline services across different states and cities with great features with each landline connection, services like Parallel Ringing, Call Forwarding, Conferencing, Innovative Handsets, Additional number line, Short dialing, Caller Line Identification, Time Alarm, Voice Mail and many such services are offered free along with Airtel telephone connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is parallel ringing service?
Even when you’re away from your fixed-line, you’ll never miss a call.
Protect your privacy, just share your fixed-line number while receive calls on two phone numbers including your mobile.
You get incoming calls ringing simultaneously on your fixed-line and another phone numbers. Ring stops on the other line as soon as you pick any one phone.

How should I avail parallel ringing service?
For Delhi, Haryana, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, AP, Kerala, Karnataka, TN, Mumbai, Maharashtra,     Gujarat Subscribers
Activate Dial 1502 + Second telephone no. #
Deactivate Dial 1503#
For Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh & Uttar Pradesh
Activate Dial 1703 + Second telephone no. #
Deactivate Dial 1704 #

How can I get internet connection from my Airtel landline?
You have plenty of unlimited plans to avail broadband services. If you subscribe for a broadband service then you could connect to internet.

What if I have a problem with broadband connection?
Call 121 and tell what the problem is. And if the problem still persists they will send you an engineer within 24 hours and he will solve the problem and if needed replaces your modem/router.

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