Electrolux Air Conditioner Customer Care Number, Toll Free Number, Email Address

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Electrolux Air Conditioner Customer Service Number - Customers can refer to the Electrolux Air Conditioner customer care numbers given below and make use of the services offered by the Electrolux AC customer care.

If you have any issues with the AC that you have purchased you can raise a service complaint using the toll free number given below. The company will register the complaint and help to solve the issue.

Electrolux AC Toll Free Number : 1 860 200 12 12 (Landline/Mobile Toll free)

Electrolux AC Email ID: electrolux.care@pemail.in

Electrolux AC Customer Support Contact Number:  +91-22-61171000

SMS Service : SMS to 53030 with ‘SVC’ in the subject.

For more information about Electrolux air conditioner prices , manuals,Warranty Claims, Service issues and other information you can visit the website : www.electrolux.in. Interested customers can also make use of the contact form provided on the website to drop your queries regarding the product. Electrolux Air Conditioner

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22 Responses to “Electrolux Air Conditioner Customer Care Number, Toll Free Number, Email Address”

  1. SAI says:

    We have purchased the window AC( 04 No.) of Model & make ELECTRO LUX, one of them stopped cooling from last fifteen days and accordingly, we have requested to your service centre personal over customer care no. 18602001212 with complain No is ELKW2705130003 in last week. Even after the commitment to repair within the 48 Hours, nothing initiation has been taken by you people. Lastly, we are informing you by this mail as a reminder to you otherwise, we will be bounded to take appropriate action in the matter. Pl treated it’s as final approach to you. Hoping requisite reply from your end as the pick summer is going on.

  2. Hitesh says:

    i am trying to contact customer care as my AC is not working. but no one is picking up the phone. if company is referring to our comments pl be informed that we need your help for reapiring the AC as it is not working at all.

  3. Anurag says:

    Wow…& I thought I was the only one suffering.

  4. Raghav says:

    The Customer service is so Poor. When you call the Toll Free Number. You have to wait for 30 to 45 Minutes. Later some one picks up the call and Cuts the Call. Very Frustrating. Atlast you made the call and registered your complaint and you have to wait for 1 Week. After 1 Week , you have to go through the same procedure. Next, Few Days Later Some Service Engineer Calls back and tells you, You have fit the wrong Stabiliser and Gives you a list of changes you have to make for the AC to work proper and They charged you with 1500 rupees. Next they Say , There is no Gas in the Compressor and they’ll Charge you 1300 Rupees to Fill the Gas. Next the AC wont stop throwing ICE and Water will be dripping from the Indoor Unit. They Say the Compressor is not working. The service Technician will Then Recommend you to send the Compressor for Service, He’ll Also advice you to go for better AC from LG or Hitachi!!!! Man very frustrated from the DAY NO 1. Stay Away From Electrolux A/C.

  5. M.T khan says:

    Very easy to sell your products in Fiji but no back up service. Hopeless service provider. No parts available in Fiji, even the company who is selling the AC does not have parts in stock in Fiji and upon asking for their service, reply comes we don’t know and ask somewhere else. so where we get the parts in Fiji.

  6. Denna Brooks says:

    LETS ALL JUST FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. K KRISHNAVENI says:


  8. Anil Chadda says:

    Inspite of several service calls (3 CALLS) to toll free number and two visits by your engineers there is no action.
    Reference mobile number 97653-90522
    Microwave with Faulty control panel.

    This is NOT expected of Electrolux, unless you are not keen to sell more goods to consumers.
    Pls attend to the call ASAP.

  9. Narendra Ku Mahapatra says:

    what you doing like this, and appoint very worst customer care service in my town, the service holder not attending any complain, and we are suffering, i am complaining lots of time and no body can come and solve my solution of my air condition.

  10. ravindra balan says:

    hello sir,

    i had purchase A C on march from vijay sales. they said 3 service r free in 1 year . it is 6th month till no one had call for service and not visited. our AC is not working properly from last 3 month.
    kindly consider my complaint as early as possible.

    Regards ,

  11. ac complaint says:

    my ac i not orking for lat 3 day. i have complined on the cc, but no one ha come to my home alo not contacted me? heter ervicing from other peron ill reult in the arranty lape?

  12. anil khanna says:

    No after sale Service.
    Is it the to deal with your customers? Please change your level because a satisfied customer is a best source of ad for products.But ,I believe, you are not worried on this account and for reason best khown to u.

  13. s k gaur says:

    very bad service response

  14. shivani says:

    nobody shuould buy this ac becose t he time of problem they never come on time and most importantly the is not worth taking at they does not fulfill their promises and make the customer fool

  15. Ruby Prasad says:

    My AC is not working properly from last 1 year.and whenever i call for service ..person come and says that stablizer is not working ..and we have changed it twice as directed by electrolux person.. but.. still the problem persists . there is problem in compressor .. and since our AC is in warranty period .. nobody is responsing properly .. i request the concern personnel to look after the matter … or this cell is also just like customercare … NONRESPONSIVE

  16. praveen choudhary says:

    no service resposibility by elecrolux. i never prefer anybody to purchase electrolux. CC number keeps on busy even waiting for so long i.e 1hrs too. no responce from the company.

  17. P.Banerjee says:

    No service at all. No responsibility, only sale the products and make customer fool. Electrolux only know this thing. They have trained from the company to do this only. If you do beyond this you will be sacked from your service. Electrolux says only sale the products do not go beyond this.

  18. sysheel says:

    B. C. phone to utha lia karo

  19. madhu kiran says:

    im kiran from andhrapradesh. can u say the price of electrolux 3 star 1.5 ton EPS53CDL-CK air conditioner? the fellow who sold me has taken much amount from me.

  20. deepa says:

    Hi all,

    i have been trying to get in touch with call centre for last 2 days but just queue for 15-20 min..& call never gets transferred to agent..no revert on sms/ email..pathetic…………


    The services are very very bad i think Electtrolux only knows how to sell airconditions but do not know to provide post sale service and repair. one has to leave his job and virtually beg the customer care for services but still no one comes for services.

  22. Aarti Pathare says:

    Service is very bad. Even after serveral followups no person is coming for
    servicing. Very poor service.

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