Carrier Air Conditioner Customer Service Number, Toll Free Number, Email Support

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Carrier Air Conditioner Customer Service Number – Customers can refer the Carrier Air Conditioner Customer Care Number mentioned below and get benefited from their services.

Carrier AC Toll Free Number : 1800 30 111111 , 31211111

Carrier Air Conditioner Customer Service Number : +91-124-4825500, 4825300

Fax Number : +91- 124- 2373 241

Email ID :

For queries relating to Building Systems & Services contact : For shareholder information contact :

For mocarrier air conditionerre information about carrier ac price , carrier air conditioner models, carrier air conditioner price list in India , visit the website :

For details about carrier branches and offices in India , click  Carrier AC Branches & Offices in India.

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8 Responses to “Carrier Air Conditioner Customer Service Number, Toll Free Number, Email Support”

  1. Prasad Naik says:

    Dear concerned,

    We have purchased Carrier Window AC and our customer ID is 91113490. We have booked for servicing of the same two days before. However, no technician has called back regarding the same. We haved followed up this with your customer care for last 3 days.

    As such, we hereby request you to look into the matter and kindly arrange for the service technician at the earliest.


    Prasad Naik

  2. SWETA SINGH says:

    Agreed. I am also facing the same problem. In my AC, there was the problem with the gas leackage. I had complaint at customer service center and they sent the so called ENGINEER and they visited and took the money as visiting charge and said that they will get back and refile the gas. but they did not turn up. I had called them at least 25-30 times but they did not come for services.After waiting 10 days finally I had called at local AC repaire center and they done the job within 5 hrs. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE. INFACT I AM ALSO PLANNING TO BUY ANOTHER AC but will NEVER BUY it from CARRIER.ItS really “WORST SERVICES”I ever got.

  3. Gaurav Jindal says:

    I had bought carrier 1.5 tonne window AC on 18-May-2013, from the same day the ac is not working properly, it has horrible sound problem in its Fan and compressor. i called up to customer care many times for the same,but i dont get any solution and no response from the carrier customer service till 23-May-2013.


    I have an Carrier Split AC in dismantled condition, I want to clean
    and install it and I want it to be done by carrier persennel.

    Whome should I contact.

    Please reply.

  5. shibobrota acharya says:

    I am also facing same problem with new AC.
    I bought one AC six months bac from Kolkata great eastern, it’s till under warenty. But AC is down since last one month, one person came and he told need to insert gas and he will come next day. Sine last one month I called up cutomer care 10 times, every times given details but no result. I can not expect such a worthless service from such reputed organization. I am outside india and my family is suffering for that. Can I get correct service from you or not let me know. Else I would look for other option if you want me to do that. This is enough now.


    Shibobrota Acharya


  6. Rashmi says:

    Dear Customer Support

    I had bought Durakool Window A/c, 1.5T, on 19th March 2010 from Delhi dealer. On the basis of past experience with Carrier I had selected this brand/model over other brands inspite of disagreements at home.

    I had logged a complaint on 2nd October as the a/c had not been cooling for the past 15 days. The technician on his visit found that the gas had leaked. It has not been even 6 months and I am landing into this problem. Though the a/c is still in warranty but that is not my concern. I am more concerned with what quality checks you’re a/c s are shipped and what more problems I can expect from this piece at home.

    As far as my knowledge goes and past experience with A/Cs, the problem of gas in a new A/C happens only after 3 years. This incident has lifted my trust on Carrier even after paying such one of the highest amount in the market. I had preferred this brand over others because I did not want to face this problem. I want someone at your end to look into this problem.

    Also how can you ensure that I will not have to refill gas every start and end of season. What is the warranty that the gas being filled right now will not again leak, say by start of next season?

    I need an explanation of this. Kindly respond.

  7. U. H.PARDESHI says:

    I have 1 tonn. carrier window a/c approx 5 yrs. back. now i m facing the problem of fan is jammed (not free) , I have to rotate it manually so many times to start the a/c. But till nobody is ready to attend the problem.

  8. Baljeet Singh says:

    This is the WORST AC i had bought so far. Customer service and so called services ENGINEERS are horrible. Would suggest not to buy Carrier.

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