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Parrot was established in the year 1994 by Henri Seydoux. It is a French wireless manufacturing company that designs, develops and markets extensive range of advanced featured products for smart phones and tablets. It is specialized in offering the specialized hands free communication systems for vehicles in the market. The company is mainly focused on offering the best quality products by exploring new technology. All its multimedia products are dedicated to best quality sound and also feature Bluetooth Smart Technology. The company is headquartered in Paris and employs more than 850 people worldwide. It exports products to different regions in the world with its dealers located in overseas. It also offers warranty on all its products where one can avail the repair or replacement services at free of cost.

Parot Home audio Customer Support- If you have any queries regarding the services or products offered by the company, kindly makes use of the Parrot System Provided by the company, where you can select the Parrot product and can submit your query regarding that to the professional Team. For customer’s reference here we are providing the snapshot of the Parrot System. To avail that service, kindly refer to the following link.

Parrot Support

To know more details about the company or about its products, kindly visit the Parrot Website.

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