Libero Diapers India – Customer Care

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Libero is a Sweden based company which is engaged in manufacturing of baby care products. It offers wide range of diaper models which can be selected as per the usage like crawling, standing and walking etc. By understanding the importance of using the natural and smooth textured materials, the company research team designs the product to provide comfort. Along with baby diapers it also offers baby wipes, baby soap, lotions, powders and baby oils. The products of the company are marketed in different parts of the world covering 100 countries. All the products are released for marketing only after passing SCA Hygiene India’s rigorous Product Safety Acceptance tests. The diapers are the special products offered by the company under different models which can be selected as per the age and size of the child.

Liberto Diapers Contact Details:

If you are facing any problem with the diapers from Libero , kindly make use of the Contact Form provided by the Company and submit your issues. To avail this service, customers are requested to refer to the provided link.

For more detailed information about the company products, news, etc, please refer to the company official website.

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