Hagstrom Guitar – Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Email Id

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Hagstrom is guitar manufacturing company that was started in the year 1970. These guitars are known for its solid body and are unique in design. There are 6 individual sustainable blocks that are independently anchored in the guitar body and each string of guitar is mounted through the body. These guitars are made of 50% wood and 50% composite material.

These products are available in Israel, India, USA and many other countries. These products are available in major stores and people can also buy these products through online stores. It has been proven for more than decades that these products are very safe to use and also the unique truss rod prevents the necks of the product from twisting. The first international splash was done in the year 1980 and the album Splash was echoed all over the world. Northern Series Models, Signature Series Models, Swede Models, Super Swede Models, Ultra Swede Models etc are different models available from the company.

Hagstrom Guitars – Contact Details:

Listed below are the contact details of the company that include the distributor address which is located in Mumbai.

Mumbai Address:

B-14, Nebula Appts,
Patel Nagar,
MG Road – 400 067,
Kandivli West,
Email Id: inquiries@tricor.se .

For more details about the company and its products, you can refer the company Website .

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