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Dean Guitars is one of the first company to produce finest guitars around the world. These company instruments has became one of the best choice of guitars to its customers around the world. It is a US based company that designs and develops acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses and other musical instruments. The company was started in the year 1977 with its head office located in Tampa, Florida. They designs and produces the products having highest standards and serves its products globally.

The main vision and mission of the company is to make “ The World’s Finest Guitars” and known to be one of the coolest and accessible company in the world. It has became one of the world’s leading producer of high quality guitars and basses. It is a Subsidiary of Dime Amplification and it is currently under the ownership of Armadillo Enterprises, Inc. The company is best known for their electric guitars like Cadillac, EVO, Custom Zone, Soltero, Vendetta and Deceiver models. It had its 35th Anniversary in the year 2012.

Dean Customer Support India

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