Samsung Microwave Oven India – Customer Service Number, Toll Free Number

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Samsung Microwave Oven

Samsung is one of the top leading brand in India that offers wide range of products with innovative solutions. Samsung Microwave Oven features many latest features that makes user feel comfortable and convenient. They are available in 3 different types namely Convection, grill and solo. Sensor Tech humidity sensor monitors helps in easy adjustment of cooking mode and the ceramic enamel cavity helps in durability of the oven.

Samsung Microwave oven India customer service numbers are mentioned below for the benefit of the customer to contact Samsung Microwave oven India service person regarding demo of the products or to enquire about process,model of Samsung Microwave oven convention , grill and other technical services.

Samsung Microwave Oven India Customer Care Number :

Contact Number: 30308282

Toll Free Number: 1800110011, 180030008282

The service will be available from monday to sunday between 9 am to 8 pm only.

For any other information regarding Samsung Microwave Oven models, review, convention users can visit  Samsung Microwave Oven India Website.

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23 Responses to “Samsung Microwave Oven India – Customer Service Number, Toll Free Number”

  1. p c das says:

    dear sir,my complaint no8466482840 is not attended for the last

  2. rajeshmodi says:

    my microwave has stopped working.i would like that your technical staff may visit & repair itt@E/3, CHANDRA GUPT APPARTMENT,AMBAWADI AHMEDABAD-380015.

  3. admin says:

    Yes you can get a demo but please call the above customer care number to book for a demo.

  4. Shiney says:

    Respected sir
    I have ordered a samsung microoven convection 21 ltr. I would like to know whetherill i get the personal demo from tthe samsung executive.
    Mira road

  5. R P CHOPRA says:

    The undersigned was guided very nicely by Mr. Rupesh in the Customer care centre today at 12.00 noon today at Phone NO. 30308282. We need these types of chaps. Thanks

  6. Sandip Guha says:

    My microwave oven model no. CE283DN bought on Nov. 2005 has stopped working.The engineer. from Samsung and declared that the switch membrane ( display & soft touch switches ) is defective & needs change. Samsung charges nearly 3000/- ( inclusive all) without any guarantee .Though the price was conveyed over phone only,is very very high.But can be repaired in open market for about 1200/-.Is there any method for getting an official quotation from Samsung. Call 9038114860

  7. T.Suryabhan Singh says:


    I purchased samsung microwave Oven -covection model 21 lts on 22.03.2013 from Best Price, Rajendra Nagar. But so far no body has come to give demo .On phone I requested (several times)the Best price team to arrange to give demo, but they are not responding. If the demo is not arranged i will go for further necessary action.

    T.Suryabhan Singh

    Phone Number:9948326261

  8. E.RAMESH BABU says:

    sir, i had purchased samsung microwovwn -covection model 32 lts from reliance ,kukatpally. demo was not done fully because there was a short circute .so demo person by name mr.sravan he told us he will vist for one more time for demo but he is not comming for demo. in this regard pls see that he will come demo immideatly.if not i had go for consumer court for the same for not providing for demo & bad service.
    e.ramesh babu
    mb: 9640171312

  9. MEDHA S says:

    Dear Samsung team,

    You ought to find a more customer friendly way to address after sales service. Just like the gentleman before my note I’m truly tired of trying to get across to hv someone answer your listed numbers. What is more surprising is that at one time it is too busy & says “Pl try again later” and the very next instance it is not even getting picked up as one keeps hearing the ring going.
    Coming to the point – I hv a 32 ltr microwave with convection. Itis about 10yrs old and has given me no problem technology wise. However, now it door handle has broken & cannot be fixed even with industrial adhesive. The model is of the Bio Ceramic series launched then. It would be greatly appreciated if you could hv your service exec come and take a look so that needful culd be done.
    Also Pl let me know if you hv any exchange offer. We would’nt mid considering it for another Samsung Microwave.

  10. Chinmoy Bose says:

    I have a samsung microwave with convection and grill(model CE1031DFBP)
    I have been trying to call your customer care but in vain. The ring goes endlessly. My the door glass has been broken and informed to replace it. One person visited my house and advised for replacement of the glass.But till date no response was received. could you please help me with the same.

  11. Munesh Agrawal says:

    dear sir i have purchased one sam mwo ce-1041DFB from your dealer M/s SARGAM ELECTRONOCS A-Kanti Nagar Ext .main road delhi On 10.12.2011 (till today dated 24.9.2012 under waranty) i am daily making complaint with custmor care for example complaint 8434228617 dated 19.09.2012 at delhi for following problems
    1.sparking in microwave
    2.lnside light is not working
    3.not working properly
    inspite of my reapted reminders your custmoer care not responding my complaints nor your any service engineer is responding .if any mishappening occrus then samsung peoples will be responsible. my microwave is under waranty now i am making my complaint to higher authorities through this comment that now i donot want this product i want full claim of my purchased article.hope somebody will hear about my problem
    please donot allow me to take any legal action in the matter in the reputation of the company
    munesh Agrawal

  12. ABHIJIT ROY says:

    It is very surprising to note that I need a sparepart for my microwave of Samsung (the round shaped object fitted with small wheel placed below the glass plate) but Mr.Gobinda Dey of Samsung employee in charge of Microwave (address given by Samsung building of 4 Lee Road ,Ground floor where it is informed that we have to talk to Mr.Gobinda Dey as in charge of Microwave section to procure the product) told me that spareparts are not available for sale and for any part one has to procure it with the payment of service chatge etc.
    I strongly protest of this system and when the Company is selling a product it is duty of the Company to make available all spareparts and request to provide me the required part of the Microwave immediately.


  13. sagar biswas says:

    I have a samsung microwave.My microwave has suddenly stopped heating. i have tried to lot at your toll free number last four days but i cnanot connect with your customer care no .due to all time iam getting its busy .could you please help me with the early as possible.

    Mobile No.-9903019391

  14. Kumar says:

    Hi im Kumar from Bengaluru, an happy & satisfied customer of samsung products till the last month when our Samsung Microwave stopped responding to our command.
    The buttons on the panel started working according to its wish,so forced to raise a complaint to the customer care & after a week of back to back followups the executive visited but left us disappointing saying the touch panel is’nt working & will have to order it from delhi office or buy a new oven itself. Its been exactly 42days that we are waiting for his positive response, every time he picks our call “the part has’nt arrived yet” is his answer. We are still waiting with a very little optimism left …:(

  15. ashish kumar garg says:

    ashish kumar garg agra 02/03/2011 i m sorry to say that samsung servicrs are very poor.I repair my samsung microwave on 17/02/2011 bring at home after two days i check it &it was not working .I coplain on your no.30308282&get assurance repair it with in 24 hours.but mechanic come after 3 days& toldagain dend it to service centre some part is defaulted.My question is that what the mechanic did at last service& repair while they charge 1053rs.can samsung reply me.My email

  16. Dr Kamal Borah says:

    Well after going through these posts I m very happy to find similar people with the same woes of an indifferent customer care.Although my plight is slightly better off because I had 2 visits in a span of 5 months and despite promises nothing has been done in my SAMSUNG MICROWAVE MODEL NO- DE68-02233A. Samsung is the SAME SONG SUNG again and again

  17. Som says:

    @Amartya: Get a “cavity painting” done. They spray the insides with, as they told me, some sort of “car paint,” and they get it done by a vendor. Wait, did I tell you, the service centres are themselves franchisees? This is surely a quality issue, and the service quality you get from them is far from satisfactory, but you can do only so much about it.

  18. Amartya says:


    we have a Samsung MW73V model. We bought it from the Samsung dealer in Kolkata about 2 years ago. Recently, we have noticed that the coating on the roller ring is peeling off and so is the microwave floor around the ring. A service technician came by and told us that the materials are rusty and we should not have used the microwave to warm/heat liquid food!! He suggested that we need a new microwave. Any suggestions?
    I think this is a product quality issue.


  19. A J says:

    BP No :8400606911

    Actually trying to earn some money with this.:-))

    Plng to put a contest on Facebook asking people to place bets. The game is pretty simple, anyone who is the closest in predicting the date when Samsung customer service will actually contact me wins the game.

    i obviously am only vying for the brokerage to enable the bets :-)

    P.S: Cheat Sheet : Try starting with 2011 first

  20. Anonymous says:

    On switching light for the Samsung Conventional model, it is not getting up at a time.
    The LED lights is started after some time (say 5 – 10 mins)
    Kindly resolve the problem.

  21. Garima Jain says:

    I have a samsung microwave with convection and grill.
    I have been trying to call your customer care but in vain. The ring goes endlessly. My microwave has suddenly stopped heating. The light gets turned on and the table also rotates but it doesnt heat at all. could you please help me with the same.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Prakash shah,

    I have samsung microwave in premises , i have tried to lot at your toll free number last four days but i cnanot connect with your customer care no .due to all time iam getting its busy .once time i got connected but it was cut and i cannot complained to you .rally i suffered a lot .i tried more than 2o times per day .
    may i kindly request you to solve my problem.
    my mobile no :9898576257
    service area : changodar

  23. SUSHANT MITRA says:

    I have a 32ltrs samsung microwave , the start button doesnt work always and i had a technician from samsung who came and checked it, he said that the model parts are not available and i would need to buy a new piece. I am shocked at this. may i kindly request you to solve my problem.
    My no. is 9980567645

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