Samsung Air Conditioner Customer Care Phone Number

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Samsung Air conditioner Customer Care Phone Number – Customers can refer to the Samsung Air Conditioner customer care numbers mentioned below for any queries with regard to the AC’s that they have bought from the company.

The company runs a 9AM to 8 PM call centre from Monday to Sunday, users can also login to the website of the company and also do online customer service chat which is available from 11AM to 6PM (Monday to Saturday) . Make use of the services offered by the Samsung Air conditioner customer care.

Samsung Air conditioner Toll Free number :Samsung Air Conditioner
3030 8282 (Prefix Local STD Code )
1800 110011(From MTNL/BSNL Lines)
1800 3000 8282
(The service is available from Monday to Sunday between 9:00 Am. to 8 pm.)

For more information about Samsung ac price , Samsung ac models and other details , visit the website :

Samsung  AC Service Centre India: If you are looking to find the service centre locations of the company for your Air Conditioner, pls refer to the following link.

New AC Warranty Registration : If you have purchased a new Air conditioner and would like to register your product for updates and for warranty claims you can do so at the following link.

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95 Responses to “Samsung Air Conditioner Customer Care Phone Number”

  1. raj says:

    don’t buy Samsung ever ! Worst service i had seen ! They think we customers are fools.. I bought my 1.5 tonne AC in may 2011 and exactly after 1 year I had a problem with coil and gas leakage for which they charged 5000 rs ! 6 months after that I had a similar problem for which I spent 1000.. The worst part is if the service guy comes and takes a look u will have to pay 450 rs regardless of whether problem is solved or not ! It’s all money making gimmicks ! Better go for local service say NO to Samsung !

  2. Vinay Batra says:

    I lodged comlaint vide compl no 8428768500 0n 9.5.2013 for my AC for gas leakage.
    Till date my AC not repaired by samsung despite me reminding their call centre almost daily. Samsung customer services has been deterriorated very badly and I had taken oath not to buy any Samsung product in future and will suggest the same to all readers to be careful before buying the product.

  3. Jaya Sankar says:

    I bought a 1.5 Ton Samsung Split AC in April 26 2013. After 7 days the installation and after a complaint of “No cooling” I was told by the service Centre not responding now Still not working. i am go to consumer Cort.

  4. N.Rajasekaran says:

    I am in Neyveli Township. My samsung split AC is performing poor. Service personnel may please be sent for attending the defect.
    Cell: 9442508195


    I lodge a complaint on the toll free number for repair of ac and person contacted replied that your complaint will be redressed within 8 hours. your technical mechanic mr. aman or abhinav in amritsar division assured me that i am coming within one hour on 7-5-2013, after waiting for four hours i again called him, he again replied i am just coming, no body have come. Next day on 8-5-2013 i again called him to come.He again replied he is coming soon, in spite of me going to office I waited for him for the whole day but nothing except assurance has been given. on 9-5-2013 i again called him. he began to use abusive language . Are you mental when ever we will feel free, will come . I have no time. if you can not wait you can repair your ac from any where there are so many shops in the city. understand.
    sir, if this type of reply will be given by your technical mechanic who will come to you.I advise to stop toll free number or customer care number. i will file a complaint in consumer court against this behave and survice shortly.


  6. Paul Raj says:


    I purchased Samsung Split AC Virus Doctor, 1.5 tonne, on Saturday (May 04, 2013). Although Bajaj Electronic delivered the product on Sunday (the next day), Samsung customer service has not sent its technician to install the AC. It’s very disappointing as we are suffering on heat waves, the brand new AC is still unpacked and uninstalled even after four days.

  7. AJAY SHARMA says:

    I had purchased the Samsung AC – model AS123BPENSTL on 6th April 2012 oi Bangalore and due to installation defect , the whoLE AC burnt ; after repeated pursuits with local customer care, it was freely replaced ion 13.07.2012 but your own service technicians cut and took away the copper / foamcovered pipe from AC to condenser saying it will reduce cooling if it is there and i believe the 2mtr pipe is about Rs. 2000/- in cost ; THis is mere theft by your service technicians; Thereafter, we noticed that due to your product being manufactured with inferior quality plastics on the outer and a big gap on the back of condenser , the squirrel and rat can get into AC and spoil the condenser; I had to 3 times call the service technicians and finally by spending Rs. 3000/- for cost of condenser and another Rs. 3500/- for wire mesh protection and labour , i got it repaired; Hence, due to the pains undertaken by me and inferior quality of material used and your own people taking away my pipe , please reimburse me immediately the total amount of Rs. 8500/- immediately (total of above amounts) as me , as customer have been enough pained by your AC ; I was a Samsung fan earlier but now i have second thoughts when i buy my next AC in future or any other product ; I will never want to be pained by Samsung ;

    I have now attached the Condenser bill, the original AC bill and photos of the AC )(with wire mesh protection ) for your perusal ; My customer care complaint no. is 8443806469; Your bangalore office- Mr. Lakshmanan and your earlier Manager- Mr. Seshachala know the pains i underwent as i described all this to them also ;

    i am also very disturbed by the callous attitude of your Senior people who do not understand the pain the customer goes through; i had reqeusted for a call back from someone senior of Samsung marketing but till date no one ever bothered to call ;

    i am hereby therefore, giving 15 days time to your company to settle my claim which is valid based on my pain and expenses and if not , thereafter I will go to the customer complaint forums on TV and legal courts available and also claim compensation for all such pains ;


  8. N P BAJAJ says:

    I purchased 2 split units of 1. 5 tons each eighteen months back and have been facing problems after problems. GAS ALWAYS LEAKS. I dont know what kind of inferior metal sheet is used by Samsung. After Sales service is ZERO. First thing they ask for is MONEY. First pay money, then anything else. Even after paying money, the A C again goes for a toss.

    How Samsung is tolerating this third class quality and service is beyond our comprehension. The Vendor VIJAY SALES says it is not his fault and go to Samsung. Samsung mechanics are useless fellows who do not know anything about HAVC. It seems all unemployed people from UP and Bihar have been recruited as Mechanics by Samsung.

    Even today my AC is not working. No one pays any attention. Everyone says first put money on table. I have already paid Rs 12,500 to Samsung from time to time after paying 65000/- for the machinnes.

    It is a Shameless company with shameless distributors.

  9. Trilok Agarwal says:

    I bought 1 ton Samsung AC machine from great eastern company kolkata 2 years ago , but after few day its stopped start working & cooling problem, I went to the dealer but he said give your complain to customer care after that I gave complain to customer care & the person came to my house 2/3 times but unable resolve problem & they closed the complain without my knowledge. i again make compain then again two person came but they were also not able to solve my problem & closed the time I make complain again but they response me in very bad manner & told me that first you deposit our charges only then their person will visit. & behaviour of the person was untolerable, after that I never complain again .Please advice me wat to do.either you solve the problem or I will go to Consumer court for justice


  10. Prasanna says:

    Guys don’t buy Samsung ever ! Worst service i had seen ! They think we customers are fools.. I bought my 1.5 tonne AC in may 2011 and exactly after 1 year I had a problem with coil and gas leakage for which they charged 5000 rs ! 6 months after that I had a similar problem for which I spent 1000.. The worst part is if the service guy comes and takes a look u will have to pay 450 rs regardless of whether problem is solved or not ! It’s all money making gimmicks ! Better go for local service say NO to Samsung !

  11. Prerak Panchal says:

    I have bought a samsung split AC From last one year no body come to home for resolve my ac problem…
    it hung in my drawing room like a shop piece…

    My New complain number 8422888382…….

    PCB problem……

  12. S.L.VIMAL says:

    Dear users,
    please dont buy samsung split AC products because i buy samsung bio sleep plus,my purchase date is 19.2.2012 i booked a complaint about that cooling is not achieved on 19.2.2013,one year is not completed.they are saying that our warrenty will finish it of on one day before,customer says to me that you have warrenty,but the service engineer said you have no please my dear friends dont buy samsung AC please buy some other because sevice is so poor.dont suy samsung product

  13. S.L.VIMAL says:

    Dear users,
    please dont buy samsung split AC products because i buy samsung 1.5ton bio sleep plus,my purchase date is 19.2.2012 i booked a complaint about that cooling is not achieved on 19.2.2013,one year is not completed.they are saying that our warrenty will finish it of on one day before,customer says to me that you have warrenty,but the service engineer said you have no please my dear friends dont buy samsung AC please buy some other because sevice is so poor.dont suy samsung product

  14. S.jegan says:

    Dear sir;

    I buy 2 a/c in 2/2/2009 in our area ac is working good condition in past day ac is not working i will call dealer and told the compalint.The dealer told i will speak the samsung service centre they will service the ac.The service center person came and check ac he told me comperser is faulty you will change the comperser .that person told when you buy the ac i will told the date he speak me ac in warrteny period so you will give the bill and calim the compersor.I will speak the person i will lose bill.that person speak me my company only what bill then only we plz arange the bill and call me.i will ask the dealer to give the bill copy the dealer told me i have only 3 month bill only. so please arange to help to change the comperser to me.


  15. Savio Proenca says:

    Dear sir

    I had purchaced a two ton ac from my dealer in mapusa goa 2yrs ago the ac has given me n no of problems in the second year and now has finally stopped functioning. as the model has changed i request you to get back at the earliest and sought out the problem we are sitting in our living room in ubearable hot condition and would like a replacement at a differnce as soon as possible very unhappy with service
    Mr savio

  16. Vijayalaxmi Nayak says:

    Hi friends,

    i am also facing similar problems like you all.This is too much,what is the use of our comments if no action is taken.

    I too had purchased two AC’s of 1.5 ton and 1 ton. The installation of AC was done on 5th June’10. While installing the technician found that 1 ton AC had some gas leakage problem. He told me that he is taking it back and will replace with the new one.accordingly, Technician came back within an hour time with another
    replacement of 1 ton AC and installed the same.

    Now it is hardly two years and the 2nd AC 1.5 tons has conked off, we have hardly used the AC only in summer, the tecnician told us that there is problem of gas leakage and the coil needs to be replaced as it has got completely damaged and also the gas needs to be refilled.

    we are very much shocked to hear this because the AC is two years old
    and hardly been used by us. It is very shocking a reputed brand like
    Samsung AC is not working properly and has got spoilt in two years. We
    cannot bear such huge expenses, we have hardly used the AC, we have also paid heavily for two split AC’s. We spend our hard earned money and it is all drained in repairing every year. I request samsung to immediately replace the allulminum foil free of charge and solve the gas leakage problem.


    vijaya nayak

  17. Raj says:

    Hi Team,

    I just want to share my experience, i brought 1.5 ton windown AC 2010 almost 2 years it works fine, even now it was working fine, but i called for service engineer for the regular check and complian we feel less colling, ……

    He initially told me that it was due to the gas leak, it would cost me 1200, and service and trasnport altogether around 1500, once the AC moved to there service center, now they complian i need to change the alumuni coil -2600, and some condensor 600, some thing else 200,

    Now, I wonder with all these problems how was my AC working, ?, do i need to belive this service centers / service engineer. do they really care about the customer

    I also lost intrest on Sumsung due to this unjustified charges and poor support.

  18. Karthik says:

    Tricky Customer care. Really surprised to experience such a WORST service by Samsung. Bought a split A/C two years back model no. AS182UGANSR Which gave problem frequently. It was serviced for gas leak and the whole unit repaired/ gas charged in their workshop and fitted on 17th July 2012 for what we paid a hefty amount. Now again I am facing the same
    problem within a month and half. When I complained, they say there might be a gas leak and we have to pay the same amount for recharging it. Is this the quality of service I get from such a reputed company. Don’t LOOT from customers in the name of service. I cant keep spending every two months for recharging gas in this Useless product. Hope you will have better ways to deal with customers and get their satisfaction instead of rendering Worthless service.

  19. Ashok Kumar says:

    Samsung a/c 3* 1.5 ton – Model No. AS183 Purchased on 05-05-2011
    Compressor busted – Complaint No. 8440507321 –
    Request for Replacement of Faulty Machine.
    + + +

    With reference to the cited above, this is to bring in to your kind notice and complain you that it is hardly one year since we have purchased your a/c as referenced above and till date the machine was attended at least 8 times by your local technician.

    In the second week of August’ 11 Gas was refilled in the compressor as the same was leaked due to some technical snag in the machine.

    In the first week of March’ 12 the compressor of the machine busted and was replaced by your Local Service Centre.

    In the month of April’ 12 we complained that for last 4 -5 months our main unit of A/c inside our bed room was making a lot of cracking and breaking type noises and water was dripping from its air outlet panel. We were even unable to take proper sleep because of noises that every now and then coming out of A/c Unit. On 07-07-2011 Local Service Centre Technician attended the machine He changed a part of main unit named: PCB or something and charged us Rs. 1800/- for the same but to my dismay the problem was continued. Then the Technician replaced our Stabilizer with an old one that he brought from somewhere stating that it will manage the current flow.

    Now three days back the machine once again stopped working at night. Today, it was attended by the same Local Service Centre technician. He has informed us that the compressor of the machine has been busted and need to be replaced. He has booked the complaint with service center as wide referenced above.

    Sir, this is for the second time in a year that the stabilizer of my A/c has been busted. I do not see any reasons why should we suffer because of faulty unit or incapability of your authorized Technician/Mechanic to find out the exact cause of the complains? Why should I be forced to call your Local Service Centre every now and then or why should I be forced to bear with faulty machine. Now I am not prepared to waste my time in waiting for the repairing of my machine any more.

    I request you kindly to look into the matter and instruct your Local Service Center Officials to arrange for an immediate replacement of the faulty unit without any further delay, today itself only otherwise I shall be forced to take the matter to the Forum and Internet.

  20. Rajeev sharma says:

    I had purchased two window ac on 10 december 2009, after few months running it stopped working. i made a complain to the customer care, they came in my house and took it leaving an estimate of Rs 8000 as the alumunium coil has to be replaced. so it is very shameful to the company that keeping it their knowledge that these coils are so worthless and very poor they are using it and supplying to the customer. so i will recommend to all ac user that no one is interested to purchase samsung ac.

  21. vsv kumar says:

    I have a samsung window ac at my home at Delhi (303 Parivaar Aptmts,Plot no 30 IP Extn Delhi 110092) Since yesterday night it has stopped working & the service person says that he cannot cone today nor tomorrow but on wednesday he can come. Please appreciate that to the extent I know there cannot be a holiday for a service personnel.
    Please treat tghis as an urgent request & expedite.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,

    VSV Kumar

  22. COL JS Duggal says:

    I wish to bring to your notice the poor quality service provided by Samsung’s designated Service Centres.

    Consequent to the onset of the summer,I decided to have my window ac ( Not under warranty period) serviced . As we reside in Panchkula,a perusal of your web site revealed that the service centre was located at Kishangarh, IT Park,Chandigarh.

    I contacted the service centre early this month,who very promptly despatched two seemingly not so trained representatives (Not in uniform). They removed the ac from the window,opened it cleaned & washed the machine with water,re-assembled the same & fitted it back.They collected Rs. 250/- service charges. They did NOT check the functioning/operation of the ac.

    Last week,when we decided to use the ac,it was noticed that the fan was NOT functioning. The service centre head Sh Vipin was contacted by me,who sent his representative the next day,who after detailed examinatin intimated that the FAN was jammed. This development completely surprised me,as to how the Fan would get jammed as it had not been subjected to use, After two days the ac was carried to the service centre centre and returned after a day intimating that the Fan was released and the ac was now functional.

    When the service centre rep tested it to demonstrate its functioning,I complained of a reasonably loud scratching NOISE ,which he too conceded that it was a fact. Again yesterday late in the evening ie. around 9 pm two representatives again visited and after opening it in the house in my presence could not rectify the fault. Since I also happen to have been the Head of the Quality Assurance deptt in the Defence, I remarked to the rep that it appeared that the Noise generated was clearly indicative of the bearing having been damaged. I also remarked that the washing and CARELESS splashing of water during the servicing has led to ingress of water into the bearing. Later when the bearing was probably forcibly released when the AC was carried to the Samsung Service Centre location,the damage has been done. Mr Vipin too had intimated to me over the phone that the bearing had been replaced,whereas the technician who had come at night confirmed that he was the one who had released the jammed fan,but had replaced NO bearing.

    The aim of enumerating the entire episode is to highlight the GROSS INADEQUACIES & COMPETENCE of your service centres.

    I am approaching you to kindly look into the matter and initiate matters to have my AC rectified and make it Function efficiently.

    Till the time of filing this report,there has been NO follow-up from the Service centre despite the assurance by the attending technician that he would come by 1130 am today.This juxtexposes the efficiency shown earlier and now the indifference.

    Till date I was really a proud user of a Samsung product,but now such incidences could alter my esteem of your products.

    Samsung is spending crores for marketing of their products,but am sure you will agree your service centres are a BIG BLOT to your brand image,which Mr BD Park,President & CEO South West Asia, would not be very proud of .

    Requesting an Immediate & Urgent action please.

    Best Regards,

    Col JS Duggal

    Mob: 09888880696,09888004888

    PS. This complaint was made to Mr Rajiv Ganju,GM,Service on 31 May 2012

  23. Aniruddha Oka says:

    Dear Some1 @ Samsung,

    I bought a 1.5 Ton Samsung Split AC in March 2009. 10 days after the installation and after a complaint of “No cooling” I was told by the service engineer that the AC had FAILED Compresser, which was replaced after 5-6 days after much follow-up. In Summer 2010 the AC stopped working because od Condensor Coil Failure. While replacing this, the Engineer informs that there’s no refrigerant Gas in the system and had to Top-up by paying Rs 1000. Now in March of 2011 the AC has no cooling. Have registered a complaint on Friday 23rd March Complaint No 8426596941 and even after 60 hours the Engineer Has NOT turned up. have made some 10 calls to service centre, and have had no luck so far. Am not sure id Samsung reads these posts but am wondering why Samsung is killing theor reputation by such a shoddy products and service In India?

  24. Kannan, Chinamaya Nagar,Chennai says:

    Dear Customer care,

    Thanks for the excellent service rendered by Customer care, Chennai. The service rendered by Vijay Ganesh is excellent. We want to appreciate the service and the follow ups made by the whole team.

    Best wishes for the team

    Warm Regards,

    M Kannan

  25. col kuldip salaria says:

    Dear Customer Care Manager,
    i purchased samsung window acs(qty 02)model no awt18xsb from digitus electronics Jammu on 18 May 2009 vide invoice no 353. on re-location, acs are now installed in my residence at Sohna rd, Gurgaon. one of the acs has stopped functioing as it is not switching through remote as well as manual address is:#401,tower 02, vipul greens, sect-48, sohna rd, Gurgaon, pin 122002. request direct your service team to do the needful.comments of your valued customers given above notwithstanding, hope to get prompt response and service.
    thanks & regards,
    kuldip salaria

  26. ANNETTE says:

    I have fibromialgia and arthritis, for this illness I need cold all time. For this reason I buy a Samsung AQUI18JA (INVERTER AIR CONDITION) to a person with licence that buy this console in a dealer authorized in Puerto Rico called REFRICENTRO. The service of this techinician and the dealer has been terrible…..the worst The air condition has been very bad all time. This was buy on August 2009 and after that it´s damaged several times. The response betwwen to first visit to my house and to complete the problem is more than one month….until three months. The excuse is that Samsung company is too late to send the parts to replace. The damage is always the same. First the capacity parts and after one month they say that is the board. Thi unit was in guarantee and this board has been replaced but now is damaged again and the guarantee for this parts was finished. The Samsun gair condition, neither the service for this is recomendable NEVER. My action now is write in all consumer forum for advise do not buy any Sumsung product .

  27. jayaraman says:

    I also have bitter experience with Samsung AC. ( window ) . within 5 months of installing the unit, the service engineers said gas has to be refilled. I paid Rs. 2000 for this. Then within 4 months, same problem. again i paid another 1500. Within 4 months, it stopped functioning. they said this time it was compressor gone., though it was under warranty, transport charges and service charges of Rs. 800 was collected from us. Now for the past one year we have not used the AC and got fed up with these untrusty companies and their employees. We had bitter experience with Onida also before. We have decided to never buy these two companies products in the future and also tell most of our friends not to believe these kind of companies. Most of the companies dont bother about the service once the product is sold. it is better to pay more money and buy premium & specialized companies products . The more cost paid would be actually less than these cheap companies ploy of collecting money every now and then. Atleast you will be free from anxiety, blood pressure and disappointment. One doesn’t know how to deal with these kind of things….its a social apathy. Big companies spend a lot of advertisements and attract the customers to pay their hard earned money and then right royally take them for granted and dont even care to attend to the calls of the customers for service.

  28. Shobhit Agrawal says:

    plz let me know the way out for getting my ac repaired,,,i have come across this kind of poor post sales service for the first time in my life and i regret for purchasing a samsung product

  29. Shobhit Agrawal says:

    I am very disappointed at the no-response even after ABOUT A MONTH complaint on non-working of window AC (complaint no. 8414370051)
    Pl look into the complaint pending as i m fed up calling 4-5 times daily to the service centre

  30. Registrar says:

    I am very disappointed at the no-response even after one week complaint on non-working of Split AC in my office of the Registrar of Dr BR Ambedkar University, Srikakulam.

    Pl look into the complaint pending with Srikakulam Samsung Dealer.

  31. Amit Agarwal says:

    I had purchased a samsung 2.0 ton AC on 13.03.09, my Ac turned Dead on 14.08.10 , Inspite of my repeated phone calls to the call center no service personel came to give free service so far. kindly DO NOT PURCHASE ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS

  32. Vivek Sakdeo says:

    I purchased SAMSUNG Windows AC in May,2007. The customer care was contacted in the first week of October to resolve AC problems. Two representatives visited the house and took out one spare part for repairs. They ,while leaving ,told to pay Rs. 1600+280 visit charges . But till today they didn’t turn up. If I call up to phone nos 09867878410 or 02225008519 , no response is coming up. My complaint no. is 8405581499. We expect prompt reply to solve our AC problems. Awaiting reply.

  33. K.SRINIVASAN says:

    I had purchased a Samsung Ac on 10th October 2009. Inspite of my repeated phone calls to the call center no service personel came to give free service so far. My advice is DO NOT PURCHASE any Samsung product.

  34. S.Karmakar says:

    I have never had a more horrible experience with after sales service as I have had with SAMSUNG.In my house I have used all appliances are of LG and regarding their service I am full satisfied.After sales any kind of service that I faced they resolved the matter with their capability and satisfied us.But your service is as worst that I have to think several time when I go with you next time.I fell into your trap due to the new silver-nano technology and had purchased your window A/C model no- AWT18QBHDBKXTL first time any product other than LG which is now become the most stupidity in my life.We only run our A/C during summer and before putting into service I always go for the servicing by your so called expert engineer every year. This was our regular routine since the date of purchasing.Unfortunately after your servicing this year the problem has began.First time a terrible noise has come out from the machine after immediately switched on just like a jet plane has ready to take off.I lodged a complaint but your engineer could not resolved it. Finally the days come one night in the mid of the August when my plane was already in the sky it stopped suddenly.I can’t explain the experience of that terribly hot summer night.Though the noise is displeasing but it gives cooling to some extent in this hot summer,however it is our fate as we choose you.I lodged the complaint once again on 25/08/2010 BP no-8407234775.Since then your service engineer has visited twice but the problem yet to rectified.First time he changed the condenser but the machine does not run for a long. After two or three start it become idle again.Next time when he visits he told me that according to him the fan motor has to be changed.Fifteen days has already gone but there is no whereabouts of him.I became fade up after calling your customer care several times,he can’t do nothing except giving assurance that my problem will solved within 24 hrs just like a record player.On hearing your record player till now I am waiting for the mechanic to come to rescue me.This whole summers have gone so troublesome to me I can never forget.
    Recently I came to know from the service center nearest to my town that presently you have changed the model so that the fan motor for my model is not available now.According to them it is better to exchange my model with new one and for that they will pay some money.That means I have bought it for Rs17500 and I will pay again Rs 20000 or above to get your service is it a matter of joke?
    Now I have lost my patience and will take the matter ahead with the consumer grievance cell and the media on how I have suffered cheated with Sumsung Customer Service & product
    My next line of action is to go to consumer forum.
    I urge everyone NEVER NEVER to buy any Sumsung product else they are bound to suffer like I.

  35. KC AGARWAL says:

    I purchased samsung split ac of 1.5 tonnes in June’10, just after a week there was some noice coming out of the ac, I complained to the service centre. A mechanic visited my house asking for a photocopy of the original purchase receipt. I was in the office and receipt was with me. It was not available at home. Mechanic insisted for receipt and did not attend to the complaint thereafter. The voice continued coming in. After few days again I lodged the complaint, another mechanic came asking for the date of visit if previous mechanic and date of his visit. I did not know the date and name as such could not tell him. He left the job unattended.

    on 27/08/10 the ac stopped working. I lodged complaint No.4216. The complaint could be attended after2/3 days again asked for a photocopy of the bill. This time it was given to him. He went back saying that after half an hour he will come back. He did not turn up. on 01.09.10 I rant up the the service centre, who asked who visited, when visited ? after explaining everything next day a man visited saying its one electronic part of not working, we have given order to the company, the moment, it is received, it will be replace. Another mechanic visited after 7 days with repeated persuation and replaced the part. but the problem was not resolved. He said that the compressor is out of order. It has to be repaired. Till now I am waiting for mechanic to come. my whole summers have gone so troublesome I can never forget. Super third class service centre you have in BAREILLY(up), PHONE : 09927800526, 05813259897, 05812510218.

    I have sent sms to my 10 friends advising not to purchase samsung products and would send another 100 sms shortly if my AC is not replaced immediately with cancellation of services of service centre or severe penalties.

    I also lodged complaint to you earlier but it is still unattended.
    My next line of action is to go to consumer forum.
    KC Agrawal

  36. SRaj says:

    I Bought my samsung split a/c. on 4.7.2010. since 2 months (i.e. today:24.9.10)

    service person or person manning the ‘vivek service centre @ mylapore’ never bother to

    attend the fault. This is my product’s 1st free-service. I am told for our a/c’s Non-cooling

    problem is of GAS CHARGING & WATER CASING. Also Digital Number shows as

    5 for 6; 25 for 26 likewise. Still I hope service will be attended.

    If this is the condition of harressment, can I or my friends / relatives trust on

    SAMSUNG company for other products.

    Just Imagine who spoils the company’s image.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Purchase of 1-Ton Split AC – AS12EFBXT/Product Set S No. A294 P2
    LS4008820 & Unistus Uni Stab Stabilizer – US 400 B Metal thro’ SC Shah &
    Co (P) Ltd., Chennai-87 in the name of B. Sanjay – AC not cooling effectively
    in spite of inspection and adjustment of the machine by your
    Mechs./engineers – Reg.

    Ref: Shah’s Bill VA-505 dated 15th June, 2009 (2) letter dated 21st June, 2009(3) my e-mails dated 28-8-2010, 3-9-2010, 10-9-10, 16-09-10
    Eversince the purchase of the above AC, it has not worked normally. No. of times the mechs. who visited tried their best but the AC did not show any improvement. In the meanwhile we had to go to uk and came back only recently. On arrival, we again contacted the service centre. A mech.came and changed the capacitor and said it would work normally. But it did not even in his presen ce after it switched on for over 45 minutes. However, he wanted me to see for some more time and hewent saying he would con tact me next day. AC remained as it is. Then I tried to contact them thro’ emails. Despite no.. of emails sent, none responded till today. So, please do the needful early. Regards, PBMenon, email id:

  38. kartikayeni says:

    i have split Ac of 0.8ton . I have purchased in the month of April 2010. But 20 days before itself due to low cooling it was not working properly. I gave complaint to samsung company. They attended the complaint. They said due to gas leakage, it was low cooling. But i installed with samsung company personnels only. Within 4 months how it is possible. Now i scred to filling gas is right option or frequently it will give problem.

  39. girraj bansal says:

    Mere dwara 1 split AC 24/6/2009, 2 split AC 25/6/2009, 1 Split AC 22/5/2010 ko Samsung Company ke Ahuja Light Store Kota (Rajsthan) se Purchase kiye Jinka Mera service center Guna Madhya Pradesh diya gaya hai. Jisko Mr. Gajendra Jinka Cell no. 887158001 he. Mere dwara last 4-5 month se minimum 50 time complaint kar chuka ki mere AC mein Proper cooling & Water drained out from blower uske baad bhi aaj date tak kuch bhi response nahi diya gaya he.

    Is se mujhe aisa lagta he ki sumsung company ki service bahut poor he. If withing one week meri complaint ka satisfaction nahi kiya gaya to mujhe majbooran consumer forum mein jana padega. jiske hone wale kharche ki responsibility company ki hogi.

    Girraj Bansal

  40. Kamlesh Zawar says:

    I bought 2 nos. split ACs in 2008,till today after 2 years, service engineer did not give any service since from purchase.Now both ACs are not giving proper cooling & water drained out from blower.I have called to landline (0257-2223251)& mobile no. (9423187051) as informed by seller RAKA A/p-Jalgaon.He told me to send service engineer on next days.but service engineer not attend complaint. I again called after 2-3 days,but same thing happened.
    Now I am getting fadup & trouble in hot summer days temp about 47% with old mother & small kids.
    I have heard that in warranty period,customer would get 5 free service,but till today we dont get any service.
    This is cheating with customer either by service centre or Samsung regarding 5 free service commitment.

  41. veerendra kumar rawat says:

    I must thank to the Team Of SAMSUNG higher ups especiailly MR.Soumen( Mob no.+919706080567) who called me up last night(01.09.10) and attended to my problem .Today(02.09.10) in the morning between 10.00 am to 11.00am my AC was Repaired and both AC’s were serviced.My special thanks to AJAYJEE( Umang,Dibrugarh,ASSAM) for helping me out in this moment.

    I wish all the best to SAMSUNG TEAM for the attention and cooperation rendered to me maintaining high standards of Customer Care.

    With Warm Regards

    Veerendra Kumar Rawat(
    Lengrai Tea Estate

  42. veerendra kumar rawat says:

    Dear Ajayjee,

    With deep regret I would like to inform to you that I had purchased Two window Air conditioners from you last year during the month of MAY 2009.Installation was done by the Service Center immediately and they reached the Lengrai Tea Estate without any hassle.

    Now one of the AC’s (Two Tonne) manual controls are giving trouble and not working at all,I informed the Samsung service center on phone no.03732324694 and my call was attended by a gentleman very nicely ,I was very happy to the response but when even one week passed and no one turned up from the Samsung Service Center I was little worried I called up another
    Phone no. (on 24th August 2010) ,09435031856 again my call was attended very nicely and I was promised a prompt service .I was quiet happy to see the response.As time passed by I found that hollow promises were made to me and no one was looking into my problem and even I was not even given a JOB NUMBER,which a company like SAMSUNG was supposed to maintain keeping in view the International standards of customer care.It seems all is running in the name of god and secvice centers are working without proper guidance and does not maintain any record of the Complaint Redressal System,there is no time frame set for the redressal of geniuine complains.I am appalled to see the Professional Approach of the Samsung .I would like to suggest that your service is your advertisement you do not need additional effort to improve image.

    With deep anguish and regert I appeal to you kindly help me out and if possible forward this mail to higher ups for improvement in the services of their SERVICE CENTERS .Samsung service center requires immediate management service.I am regretfull for buying samsung product.It’s a big shame on SAMSUNG GROUP.

    I feel that you will definitely help me in the repairing of my AC.

    With warm regards.
    Veerendra Kumar Rawat(
    Lengrai Tea Estate

  43. Chimneyzz says:

    A Worcester chimney sweep or a chimney sweeper is a individual who cleans chimneys. It is crucial to acquire a chimney at our residence since it is really a successful device that prevents the dangerous air and offer fresh and healthy air. It’s also critical to retain chimney clean to prevent fires and noxious gasses. The chimney eliminates toxic gasses and makes it free from blockage. Therefore it requires a routine inspection and maintenance to make certain fresh air and correct safety. Its cleaning must be done as soon as per year. The facility of cleaning of chimney is accessible everywhere and it is affordable. The chimneys produced with steel are generally recommended by the experts for safety purpose.

    Check out this link for more information: Chimney Sweep Worcestershire

  44. Pradeep Kumar Dixit says:

    I bought a Samsung 12.5 T window AC model 182Kc on 08/08/2009.
    On 13/08/2010, just 5 days after the expiry of the guarantee period, I registered a complaint to customer care vide complaint no. 8416291712 for problem of no cooling.
    This complaint was attended by Samsung authorized service centre in Sector 5 Faridabad and the AC was delivered to me along with a bill for Rs. 3923/- on 1708/2010.
    I was informed that the aluminium cooling coils had to be replaced with copper coils
    since Alumoinium coils installed in the current models are unreliable !
    It is evident that the company knew about its usage of substandard components and
    instead of replacing them free of cost, considering that the product was just outside the
    guarantee period, chose to inflict charges approximating 25% of the cost of a new AC.
    Please help me contact some person in Samsung to take up the matter of refund.
    Pradeep Kumar Dixit Eros Garden Faridabad 9810437151

  45. faisal khan says:

    i have bought a samsung r.g ton split a.c. on 07-08-2007. Nw my a.c. Compressor is annoying me a lot…. The cooling has turned zero.
    Please help me out in this matter…. i’ve lodged a complaint with the samsung customer care also…. My complaint number is 8416497820.
    Please do the needful as soon as possible.
    Thanking you.
    Faisal khan.

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