Pizza hut Phone Number – Contact Number

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Pizza Hut phone number is mentioned below for the benefit of the customers to enquire about the delivery services , timings and other details.

The customers can make use of the services offered by Pizza Hut by dialing the  Pizza hut phone number for ordering pizza.

Pizza Hut Contact Number  : 3988 3988

Pizza Hut India Website :

For any other information regarding Pizza delivery services , Pizza Hut timings users can contactpizza hut website

Pizza Hut

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9 Responses to “Pizza hut Phone Number – Contact Number”

  1. Arun Menon says:

    I wish to report the plight of having ordered a Pizza from your Bangalore outlet. I had ordered a Family Size Pepperoni Pizza (Bill No. 70 from POS API) from your Airport Road Branch franchisee (Dodsal Enterprises Private Limited). I made the order at 12.35 PM on December 16, 2012 and was told that the Pizza would be delivered within 40 minutes (By 1.15 PM). The person came to deliver the Pizza at 1.20 PM, which is still acceptable, considering the Bangalore traffic (though it is Sunday, still am willing to give the benefit of doubt to the deliveryman).
    When I got the Pizza, it was normal room temperature. On the top of the Pizza, it was written that if the hologram does not say “Hot”, the Pizza would be delivered free. I showed it to the deliveryman, who called his Manager. The Manager who claimed his name was Mr. Dharmender (Mobile No. +91 7795 121682) told me that “The hologram of HOT” was not meant for family size pizza’s, but was only applicable for Medium and Small size pizza’s. So I asked him why is it then written on the cover of the Family Size Pizza when it was not applicable for Family Size Pizza. I told him, under the circumstances, I am supposed to get the pizza free, as per what was written on the cover ; but still offered to pay 50% of the bill amount of Rs. 744. He told me that was not possible and that he can give maximum of 20% discount. When I did not accept, he started speaking in a very abusive tone and sarcastically told me “What sort of people you are ? Your idea is to get to eat our Pizza free. I will give you the Pizza free. I hope you will be able to digest it !!!!!”
    Based on his attitude, I told him I am not going to pay anything and that he can do whatever he wants. He then again called me after 10 minutes on my cell phone (Thats how I got the number) from the number mentioned above (at 1.29 PM) and abused me. I told him I am not a beggar on the road who is desirous of wanting free pizza’s from Pizza Hut. You guys charge a premium for the Pizza’s and I am willing to pay the premium provided it is delivered as promised. In a country where pizza’s are available at Rs. 250 onwards, why should I pay Rs. 750 for a Pizza ? It is for the service and for the quality of food served. I am sorry to say, both were horrible, apart from the false claims and abuses that I had to listen from Mr. Dharmendra. The pizza itself was cold, soggy and did not look fresh.
    When you are appointing franchisee’s who are representing your brand, it would be better for you to check their credentials. Else your own brand will take a beating. Having people serve sub-standard, cold pizza’s, beyond the promised time, and on top of it having arrogant “Managers” is not helping your cause. I am sure you would also appreciate. I am also in the Service Industry and am a Senior Vice President with an MNC Bank. Once you have promised something, ensure that it is delivered, else don’t promise. And if you are not able to keep up your promise, ensure that your client gets what is written – not have arrogant managers try to make false statements (like “Hot” is not applicable to large pizza’s) and abuse their clients.
    I am anyways reporting the matter in the Consumer Forum and few Food blogs as well, so that other people like me are not taken for a ride by your incompetent franchisee’s.
    And I have told your “Manager Dharmender” that you can send someone to my place. I will pay him Rs. 1000. He can keep the balance Rs. 250 as tips, so that Mr. Dharmender is not under the misconception that people in India are “beggars” and are ordering from Pizza Hut to get “free” pizza’s.

  2. Bhavya says:

    Can someone provide me with Pizza hut Customer care email ID???

  3. rajan kapoor says:

    I oredred Pizzas at your Kalkaji outlet. One Mr.Prominder Singh informed that they can not deliverich is in K Block Kalkaji. We are just 500 M from the outlet but he denied and informed that they will deliver in L or M Block which is further away from our place. WHAT A FUNNY REPLY I GOT FROM THE ALLENDAT. COULD YOU PLEASE LOOK INTO THE MATTER.

    Rajan Kapoor

    Mbl.9810603318 / 9818888561

  4. SURESH M says:

    Yesterday (12th Aug 2012) I visited Pizza Hut at Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore at 9.35 pm. The Waiter arrived after 10 minutes! I ordered for a Pizza (Rs.145) which was served after 45 minutes – there was no sorry! I was given the bill before I could finish! Shockingly – they had billed Service Charges of 10% apart from the statutory Service Tax. When I questioned them what is this service charge – the Counter Manager said – it is the charge for doing service. I told him – there is no rule like that – service charge could be paid as tips if the customer is ‘satisfied'; in this case how can they assume that the customer is satisfied & straight away bill 10% without checking with me. The counter manager simply said it is written in small letters in the Menu Card. When I asked him how can you prejudge the customer satisfaction – he did not have an answer! You are cheating the customers – crooks go to any extent to cheat. Are you not ashamed of your dirty, unholy unethical practice? Why do you cheat the customers & mint money. Best way of doing things – even if a cockroach or shit is served, you will charge the customer at 10% as service charge. I will send complaint to an appropriate forum against the cheap tricks of Pizza Hut in Bangalore. Publics beware of these MNCs whose objective is to cheat!

  5. Dustin says:

    I order a pizza over the phone guess it went to call center pizza never came call back the call went straight to the store they couldn’t find my order call four other stores same no one could find my order but I was still charge on my credit card so I made another but I had to pay again they said if both charges are showing they will pay me back they should of just gave me the pizza cause now I have to show both charges explain the story and wait to be paid back.

  6. aimee wong says:

    Pizza Hut

    Iam one of the loyal customers of yours, yesterday I ordered pizza and paid through escolta Branch with instructions of 530 pm delivery because I am going to surprise my client, To my dismay, It did not arrived by 5:40 pm, i called up 911111, they told me they will reply soon but sis not, I called up again 5:50 no reply…it came 5:52 I was so disappointed no sorry for the delay? Hate Late? You were late….Is it because it was a promo pizza? or is it because it was pre paid already? I want a reply from Pizza Hut…Hate Late?

    aimee wong
    611 Madrid Streeet
    Binondo, Manila

  7. varsha says:

    hey,dis is varsha.i wanna take ur pizza hut franchisee in rajasthan.jst give ur contact details…

  8. SHIV SINGH says:

    why are you not deliiver in kailashpuri in west cont 9953003336
    i want a explane.

  9. AJAY GARG says:

    more details for new franchising


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