Kaff Dishwasher Customer Care Number

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Kaff Dishwasher Customer Care Number is mentioned below for the customers to make use of services by contacting the company. Kaff Dishwasher customer care number operates regularly where the customers can register their complaints and call the customer care number for any queries they may have.

Kaff Dishwasher Phone Number : 0124-4017270/71

It is specialized in providing wide range of built in home appliances and many more. Built in dishwashers are available in 3 different models like K/DWQD GX 60 –Quadra, K/DW HS60 –HANS and K/D BIN GX 60- INTRA. It is specialized in designing the dishwasher to provide the more hygienic cooking. The product consist of 6 washing programs, three filtration systems, 12 place setting, upper and lower spray arm with top spray and many other features to ensure the hygienic washing program. The low energy consumption features helps in saving the energy and the multiple angle and direction helps to offer superior washing action. With all the advanced features it makes washing easier and convenient.

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