Bajaj Pulsar India – Customer Care Number, Toll Free Number, Email Address

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Bajaj is a multinational company and a leading producer of automobiles in the Indian market. With its experience over the years it offers best featured vehicles with modern look. Bajaj Pulsar is one of the popular models offered by the company with good performance and latest features and are made available at affordable rate. Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, Pulsar 220, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 135 Ls are the vehicles offered by Bajaj under pulsar category.

Bajaj Pulsar India Contact Details – Customers who are interested to buy Bajaj Pulsar Bike can contact Bajaj Pulsar Bike India Customer Support Number to enquire details about the aspects of style, engine, suspension, tyres, brakes.

Bajaj Pulsar Bikes Toll Free Number : 1800 233 2453

Bajaj Pulsar Website India :

Bajaj Pulsar e mail id :

For any other information regarding Bajaj Pulsar models, price, specifications customers can visit : Intrested customers can also make use of the online customer request form to drop a query or complaint or suggestion. To avail that kindly follow the link provided.

Bajaj Pulsar India

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26 Responses to “Bajaj Pulsar India – Customer Care Number, Toll Free Number, Email Address”

  1. pradeep kumar sharma says:

    Bajaj-Allianz is at No.2 for top unfair trade practiecs- “The Economics Times”.
    Has “Bajaj-Allianz” gone out of there mind, since they are repeatedly asking for next insurance premium of my theft car. And they have yet not processed & accepted my Car theft claim No.-OC-13-1901-1801-00010650, Car theft on 10/07/12, insurance was valid till 21/03/13…
    I will daily pray to god for Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company to be closed within 2-5 year with heavy financial losses, till they clear my claim…

  2. Tharun kumar says:

    Dear all (Bajaj)

    I am have a pulsar 220 cc ….the below mention comments i read it i’m getting scare to give my bike to servicing if this continue with u …..u better to shut down the company or replace any other staff with are worth to u ……See that u give a better service to the customer..

    I Had given my bike in erragadda showroom (Bajaj showroom only)
    The fist serving they did is the worst servicing i ever saw they damaged my bike like anything got angry but what can they do ….

    Please change the staff in erragadda show so that we can we can trust u people and give for the further servings ….

    Feel free to message me and also please do that the above….


  3. R. Praveen Kumar says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I gave my bike for full service on 7/3/2013. Still they r telling that spares have not come. my bike is a 2004 model. 150cc. i said them to do all the minor works. Company name Preethi Bajaj.Salem. My job card number 63006. Please do help me out. I trust my bike a lot. Im feeling really uncomfortable without it. And i am upset because of thier irresponsible service and reply.

    Thanking you
    R.Praveen Kumar

  4. prashant koli says:

    Dear sir
    I have purchase bajaj Pulsar 200 NS in the month of AUG 12. I have taken it in hard cash. Even after 6/7 months I have not recd my RC book or any information. I contacted several time to Raigad bajaj Panvel agent but, i never received response from them. Please let me know can i get my RC book or not. waiting for your reply


  5. Krishna says:

    Hi guys i am very much dissappointed by the service provided by kalyani bajaj in Mathekere Bangalore.I gave my bike for servicing after i met with an accident. They told they ll claim the insurance repair the bike and get back to me.I got my bike after 14 days of struggle and repeated calls to their customer service .The problem did not end after getting my bike , the headlights of it were not working. I had to go again to them and get it sorted out. I hope a serious action is taken regarding this complaint. I am a working and bike is important for me to travel to work every day. My question is does it take 14 days to repair the bike even after getting all the parts.I gave my bike on wednesday and by thursday the survey for insurance was done and i got a confirmation call from them. But still i had to struggle every day to reach office and i used to call them.I even interacted with the people who were sending the spares to this ppl, they informed that the parts were already sent but this ppl refuse to agree that they ve got it.How can a company like Bajaj do this to their customers. Now i dont wanna go back to that service centre at any cost as i know the service is very poor.Waiting for ur reply.

  6. Rahul says:

    I have given my Pulsar 220 F for service in Bajaj Service Center, Begumpet,Its a worst service center I have ever seen, the works are lazy and try to avoid the work, and never try to solve the problem, like I gave my vehicle for Teflon, the worker over there has not done the Teflon instead he has washed and handed back the vehicle to me though i paid for Teflon, giving vehicle for service at begumpet service center is not worthy.

  7. Rupesh Mehta says:

    I bought a Discover 150 in Sept’11. The bike has noise problem since the beginning. I’ve visited the Service center 10 times, they check the bike and say there is no problem in the bike. While selling the product, company says there is warranty for 1 year, but they are not ready to listen the problem. All they say is everything is perfect. There is no problem with the bike. I think Discover 150 is a sub-standard bike or a 150 CC stickers pasted on a 125/100 cc bike.

    I want Bajaj to look into this immediately. This is really frustrating.

    Mobile NO : 9592795929

  8. A.RANJITH says:

    I have purchased Pulsar 150cc 1 months back. From the beginning of the day, my Pulsar 150cc has been giving too much problems. I cant drive in 2nd/3rd gear due to the noise from the engine. I have done 1st servicing also from reputed Bajaj service center. I went 4-5 times to kln Bajaj showroom (Redhills) chennai-52 with my complain. They were not ignoring every time. I have experienced with other pulsar 150 also. That was good. I know there is 1 year warranty, still I am not getting any kind of facility.

  9. Shuvam Das says:

    I have purchased Pulsar 135 LS 1.5 months back. From the beginning of the day, my Pulsar 135 LS has been giving too much problems. I cant drive in 2nd/3rd gear due to the noise from the engine. I have done 1st servicing also from reputed Bajaj service center. I went 4-5 times to SNK Bajaj showroom with my complain. They were not ignoring every time. I have experienced with other pulsar 135 also. That was good. I know there is 1 year warranty, still I am not getting any kind of facility.

    This time I really fed up with my Pulsar 135 LS. I am explaining my poor experience in service center. I went to Shree seva service center due to heavy noise from engine and extreme vibration. There should have some technical problem. They were not ready to take up my issue. They asked me to ride their pulsar 135 for testing. I did not seem any problem in that bike. I have tested my friend’s pulsar 135 also. But Shree seva was saying every pulsar 135LS has this kind of sound and vibration. They are not entertaining any more. Then I went SNK bajaj showroom. They were entertaining me, but I did not get any fruitful result from them.

    I want some solutions from Bajaj or please take a step on it.


  10. I bought pulsar135LS 23 march 2009 .when i start head light i have face the problem of battery low indication problem.please do not buy pulsar135 because bajajauto has no sollution for this problem. Mo:9913957794

  11. DHEERAJ PANT says:

    I had brought pulsar 180 cc on 23 sep,2010. Today i have founded the front side Rim has been cracked at centre line near valve body . i am very surprising for the duribility of rim of your company bike. It is very shamfull for your bike quality. Bajaj proudly say HUMARA BAJAJA ALAG ANDAAJ.. how stupid. Im highly disappointed.
    Your company dealer ( Nagpal Traders, Haldwani Uttarakhand ) say me, your bike is under warrenty, but you can’t take warrenty claim for this fault & asking me to take insurance claim. Kindly suggest me what can i do.

    cell no- 09359766976

  12. alok says:

    i had bought avenger 220cc on august 20th 2010 , its been just 1month an 7 day ..and i had came to a severe problem my bikes key turned into two pieces when i inserted it in for ignition ..i dnt know how cheap was its material used . The worst thing after a cost of Rs. 78500/- and bajaj proudly say HUMARA BAJAJA ALAG ANDAAJ.. how stupid. Im highly disappointed.

  13. sekhar says:

    i just wanted to know the warantee period of particular parts of pulsar 220 dts-fi specially about the fuel pump & throttle body. Plez let me know as soon as possible. its really urgent for me becose i am facing some major problem with these parts…?

  14. pawan says:

    I purchased 150cc one year back and it seems to be a big issue with the engine…

    please help me out. Even the dealer is not responding to it.

  15. Pankaj sagar says:

    Worst,employees u can find at bajaj service center.They don’t even respect their manager how would they respect their customer.without your permission they would change the bike parts ask you for indicent price.abuse customer is the culture of bajaj auto……

  16. abhishek says:

    i have pulsar 135ls. i have a problem ,my bike shows the low battery symbol every time i switch on the head light .i contacted the showroom siddi vinayaka(hyderabad) they were just like neglecting the problem and my bike stops whenever this low batter symbol appears and i have to start the bike again………………….what to do…contact me on :9700448033

  17. Satyanarayan jena says:

    I am having a bike Pulser 135 LS,frame no-MD2-JDJ-DZZSCJ06193,Engine no-JEG-BSJ-06095 ,I am having problem in my tail/brake light which is not working at all and my back soccer was also having a manufacturing defect for which I have visited many times to the Rourkela Bajaj Servicing Center(Orissa),and given the complain several times but they are not responding towards my complain,and telling me to wait after every interval of time when I visit the servicing centre.And also I had a battery problem before for which company has replaced the Exide Freedom Battery(MFG.Code of Battery:-2L9-4;Serial no:- 276302;Warrenty:-2yrs) with Exide Biker Battery(MFG.Code of Battery:-7L9;Serial no:-747912;Warrenty:-1yr) now that battery is also showing how many days i will wait,please help me out from this problem as soon as possible and tel me what to do? My contact no is-09437194191.

  18. Mohsin Shaikh says:

    I am having a bike Bjaj discover 135 DTSI ,I am having a problem in disk brake Service center is saying we are not responsible for that So please help me what can i do.

  19. fame no.34501 eng no.44131 bajaj pulser180 cc date of purchase 11-6-08
    I purchase above maintion vehicle from bajaj auto M/S suvidha auto panipat Haryana on 11-6-08 suddenly the said vehicle became deffective on March 2009.Authorised technicians checked and replaced starter blade again this vehicle got same problem on
    19-06-10 I complain on 21-06-10 scince morning 10:AM till now no responds found kindly
    do the needful at your earliest

  20. Balu says:

    I have booked one Bajaj platina 125CC still I have not recieved and I paid the money

  21. varun kumar nigam says:

    i have purchased Platina 100cc in month of feb.2010 from bajaj swadeshi.raja garden new delhi c.g the speedometer had not working his totaly dead.service centre person say its chargeble act. speedometer has no wireing.i complant to swadeshi bajaj but they are no respone our call.
    so plz every beyer care fully when you take a bike form swadeshi ….

  22. ravindra kumar sing says:

    i have purchased pulsar 180 in month of jan 2010 from raipur c.g the speedometer had some problem which is repared but the new sensor is also not working properly in bike had new problem after service chainspoket went wrong afterevening complaining no proper response what should i do

  23. Gurunath says:

    I booked the Pulsar 180 on 6th march 2010 but yet to get the bike delivered to me,the showroom people say that Supply is very minimal to Tamilnadu and are not ready to give the exact reason.

    How many days will I have to wait to get my bike or should I opt for another Brand.

  24. DENNIS says:

    plz dont buy pulsar. I bought new pulasr 150 ug4.5 the engine make sound ever the service center is not ready to fix the issue bike number KA-04 HC 2184

  25. Abdus says:

    Please manufacture the bikes. Pulsar 180, 220 with kick start and show the different between Pulsar 150, 180 and 220 latest because the exterior looks 85% same, the different only the 2 piece and technical differs other than that the exterior is almost same. Please differ the speedometer light and dont give the same orange colour for all variant Pulsar, if u people are differenciating the colour of the speedometer light for 180 and 220 it will look good. Please put a white colour speedometer light so that it view the numbers and symbols better in night time…

  26. peter says:

    i’m a student and i been very much intersted in pulsar 200cc but unfortunenately the bike dealers are saying that it’s prodution in been stoped please help me out.

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