Air Arabia Contact number

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Air Arabia was established in the year 2003 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is a low cost airline that covers 88 destinations globally. It offers more comfortable features to the travelers with all its sophisticated services. Company holds professional team who is always committed to provide better solutions and services to the customers. Air Arabia is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

Air Arabia – The Air Arabia contact details are furnished  below. Utilize the details to contact Air Arabia airlines.

Air Arabia Address :
Trade India Pvt.Ltd,
DLF Building No.10 4th Floor Tower-A DLF Cyber City ,
Gurgaon : 122002,

Air Arabia Phone Number : (124) 4029400

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4 Responses to “Air Arabia Contact number”

  1. Edward says:

    I have had the same experience as many others, my bags were “lost” by Air Arabia after flying from Istanbul to Delhi via Sharjah, when they found them the next day there was around $2000 in valuable items missing from my bag. The company have not offered me any help, they think it is not their problem and could not care any less that their customers have suffered such devastating losses and that their baggage handlers are thieves. Even worse is that they don’t even have any staff in Delhi, their operations are managed by BWFS baggage handling service, so the only people you can complain to are the baggage company, who are probably the very same people who stole the items in the first place! Disgusting company, I hope they go bankrupt very soon.

  2. Ramesh Kini says:

    I traveled from Istanbul to Ahmedabad via Sharjah on 28th/29th June 2012, and they “lost” my bag — when they found it and returned it after 3 days (they sent it by a private bus carrier and I had to go to their office to claim my bag, but the Cambata Aviation people gave me the locket/docket number only after 3 phone calls) all wrapped up in plastic, I opened it only to find the following items missing:
    * a 8 GB flash drive with all the most recent files I had been working on for months before and during my conference in Istanbul, which was given to me by my son as a birthday gift (how the hell am I going to recover or replace these files?!);
    * 3 cans of Turkish and Russian beer (out of 5 cans which I had bought for an old pre-diabetic uncle of mine who loves these exotic beer cans I bring back when I visit India — he is allowed to cheat on his strict diet only when I visit once a year or so);
    * about 5-10 USD in loose change in tenge, lira, etc.
    The Cambata Aviation ground staff in Ahmedabad are very lax, incompetent and complacent and downright rude when asked for information or to act. While I am not 100% sure that they stole stuff from my bag, I have no other explanation forthcoming from them, besides the utter rot that they trot out. For instance, they tell me I cannot bring beer into Gujarat because it is a “dry state” (nonsense — I am in transit and due to leave for Bangalore 3-4 days after my arrival and the beer is not meant for consumption in Gujarat).
    Who in Air Arabia cares enough to act on this and the above complaints remains to be seen.
    Till then I will pursue every channel or option open to me as an aggrieved and really aggravated passenger.
    Ramesh Kini

  3. Dr. Anil says:

    Air Arabia has the worst and most unprofessional customer care. I was travelling to Delhi from Sharjah (AIR ARABIA FLIGHT G90469, Dated 28/11/2011). When I received my luggage at Delhi, I found that someone had put my entire baggage in a pool of water or packed it with some liquid. The whole bag and material inside the baggage was destroyed. I was going for a meeting in Delhi and my clothes were all damaged.
    I lost the business meeting first because it took 2 hours to get the luggage in my custody and secondly, I had to enter in for a senior level board room in jeans and Summer casual and that itself looked unprofessional.
    Anyways, I contacted the airline, explained my case, Mr. Youssef Hassoun and Soud Wattar of Air Arabia apparently in charge of addressing the grievances of their passengers treated me in a very unprofessional way. The official airline of Sharjah may claim several things including best customer service, but in reality, they stink in their customer service.
    Air Arabia’s accepted policy is not to reply to customer’s mails or letters and they know after some days/months people will forget it. It is an economy airline not only in prices, but in the dignity with which they treat their passengers. Really sad.
    They are truly utilizing the price factor to offer a substandard post sale service. Hope they will learn from their next door neighbor airline Emirates Airways on how to treat passengers.
    Good luck

  4. Razieh rahimi says:

    Air arabia is known as number one airways in the world, but they just proofed that they are the worst airlines, specially when it comes to services.
    I had a flight from Tehran to Sharjah at 14.10 on 11th of june.(reservation no. 23593330 , and flight no.G90202). unfortunately the taxi taking us to the airport broke down in between the way, and we were stuck in between the road for more than one hour, and sadly the international airport of iran is 50km away from Tehran, and is in between of a desert were its not a safe place to change my car specially that i was with my 13 years old daughter.
    however with all this delay, we reached the airport exactly 55 minutes before the flight, and we had just been late for 5 minutes before the gate were closed. still with all this conditions the staff of the airport helped us to get passed through everything but the Air Arabia crew did not help and did not open the gate for us to get in even though we were two persons.What really is sad is that Iran Air pilots personally called Air Arabia`s pilot and asked for help but this selfish people did not still will to help,even though they could.
    Air Arabia`s word is that we are on time, who said so. according to them they got up at 14.14( the actual time was 14.10) but i was there an witness to see that it was 14.25 when they flew off. what my problem is that these people are not on time and because of these they leave their costumers behind. usually in all the airlines in such conditions they help the costumer or give back their ticket. they not just didn`t helped,but took all our money and sold our seat to other persons who had not even reserved it.after all this they were not even ready to give us a discount on the second ticket. this is really sad and like this you are loosing your costumers.please see to this problem and contact me.
    warm regards,
    Razieh Rahimi

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