Gunnar Customer Care India, Email Support

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Gunnar Optiks is a US based company that specialized in eyewear products. It was established in the year 2007 by Jennifer Michelsen and Joe Croft . The products of the company are safe and provides comfort for the people who are using Gunnar lenses and glasses. These products are helpful and protect eyes from computer vision syndrome.The company carefully inspected the products and tested in optical lab for its certification. The company highly accurate lens designs and focuses on the powerpoint to protect the eyes from drying air currents. It specialized in making Gunnar i-Amp technology. These company products makes to reduce stress on eyes, neck and back.

Gunnar Customer Support India

If you have any problem regarding the service of your lenses you can write your issues through email Id as mentioned below.
Email Support:

For any issues about eyewear products and for it service please submit your request using above email id. For further more details about Gunnar optiks kindly visit the company official website. You can also share your views through Facebook.

You can also make use of the Contact Form provided by the company to solve any kind of issues with the help of the Customer Service Team.

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