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Geonaute works with the best partners in the world it supplies products like cameras and accessories. It was started by a team of 85 sport enthusiasts who is passionate about developing the new technologies. The company is expert in producing high quality products that can be used even under water and are also easy to use. It understands the needs of customers and creates products and services according to their taste making the usage as simple as possible. Its ingenuity was rewarded by a 2014 Best of Inventions award from Internation CES team of Innovative design and engineering award.

The company also conducts the challenges for different communities like 1million km run with in the country every year. Different events are conducted by the company and interested people can also take part and make the events success. 360degrees Camera, Flat Pads, Camera Bags, Tripod Adaptor, Small Suction Cup etc are different products of the company.

Geonaute – Contact Details:

For any queries or suggestions, customers can write it through Contact Form

Geonaute - Contact - Form











For latest products and their collection, customers can refer the company Website

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