Videocon Air Conditioner Service Centre – Phone Number, Customer Care, Warranty, FAQ

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Videocon  Air Conditioner Service Centre & Customer Care Phone number – Customers can call the  company for any queries they may have with regard to the Videocon AC products. Customers can also raise complaints, service issues, warranty claims or any other product related queries answered through the call centre.

Videocon AC Customer Care Details

Toll Free Number : 1800 419 40 40 / 39404040(Prefix the STD code)
Customer Care Number : 02431-251501, 02, 03, 04
Customer Care Email ID : [email protected]
For General enquiries mail to : [email protected]
SMS service : sms VG <model name> to 56677 to know about the  instant product information.
Website :

Videocon Air Conditioner Extended Warranty

Videocon for the longer life of its products has been providing extended warranty policy. It can be availed for maximum 2 years and within 30 days from the date of purchase of the product.

If the difference between manufactured date and purchased date is more than 9 months then extended warranty is not applicable.

For more information on extended warranty price, follow the URL

About Videocon AC

Videocon air conditioners are equipped with advanced features like Vita air technology that makes air healthy and refreshing. Videocon has wide range of Air Conditioners namely Wi-Fi AC, Split AC, Quantum AC and window AC. It provides a reliable service to its customers.

Split AC is one of the best products offered by the company with blue fin evaporator, adjustable louvers, full IMD, glossy panel, MPRI and vitamin C filter. Anti bacterial filter helps to eliminate bacteria and filters dust particles. Blue fin evaporator protects the aluminum fins in the heat exchangers from corrosion. It also gives more durability, improved efficiency and high energy savings. Its latest Wi-Fi air conditioners are a perfect blend of innovation and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I hear jerking noise from my Air Conditioner?
The reason you hear a jerking noise is because of loose fan. Switch off the air conditioner in such case. Contact Customer Care.

What to do if Fan not working after power cut happens?
Energy save mode may be ON. The fan will not work in the energy save mode. So turn off save mode.

What happens if the vent lever is open?
Air Conditioner may not be active. So close the lever.

What not to do when using an Air Conditioner?
Please don’t cut off the power cords. If they are damaged please contact the qualified electrician to change them.

  • Don’t insert your hand or stick into the air intake or outlet vents.
  • Don’t blow the wind to animals and plants directly. It can cause a bad influence on them.
  • Health problems can occur if you apply cold wind to body directly, for a long time.
  • Do not splash water on the air conditioner. It can cause electric shock and malfunction.
  • Do not place a heater near the air conditioner.

Why there is noise when I started my AC for the first time after installation?
It is because of uneven leveling. Re-installation is required if the noise still persists.

For more information about Videocon AC price, Videocon AC models, visit  the official website.

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Videocon Air Conditioner

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