Videocon Air Conditioner Service Centre – Phone Number, Customer Care & Email Support

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Videocon air conditioners are equipped with advanced features like Vita air technology that makes air healthy and refreshing. Split AC is one of the best products offered by the company with blue fin evaporator, adjustable louvers, full IMD, glossy panel, MPRI and vitamin C filter. Anti bacterial filter helps to eliminate bacteria and filters dust particles. Blue fin evaporator protects the aluminum fins in the heat exchangers from corrosion. It also gives more durability, improved efficiency and high energy savings.

Videocon  Air Conditioner Service Centre & Customer Care Phone number – Customers can call the  company for any queries they may have with regard to the Videocon AC products. Customers can also raise complaints, service issues, warranty claims or any other product related queries answered through the call centre.

Videocon  AC Toll Free Number : 1800 419 40 40 / 39404040(Prefix the STD code)

Videocon  AC Customer Care Number : 02431-251501, 02, 03, 04

 Customer Care Email ID :

For General enquiries mail to :

SMS service : sms VG <model name> to 56677 to know about the  instant product information.

For more information about Videocon AC price , Videocon AC models, visit the website :

Videocon Air Conditioner

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24 Responses to “Videocon Air Conditioner Service Centre – Phone Number, Customer Care & Email Support”

  1. Hevin Dani says:

    Myself Hevin Dani , residing in Surat, Gujarat have purchased Videocon AC 1 Ton capacity in March – 2013.
    So far it was happy journey and nice experience with Videocon except few regular services .
    But since a week I am facing problem and cooling is not as it should be.

    I contacted local AC repair/Service person, he said your condenser needs to replaced which would cost me 7000 INR / – Total.

    Its pathetic as a customer for me now to spend 7K on a AC which I purchased just 1.5 Yrs back.

    Such quality is not expected from giant & reliable company like Videocon.
    Expenditure of 7k on an newly purchased (1.5 yrs old ) is not worthy.
    Anticipating your support.
    Have also logged in complain.

  2. Yeshwant Shahapurkar says:

    Pathetic service by Videocon in terms of resolving complaints. To resolve a complaint they took almost 20 days…But the worst part is that the same problem has arised again. Its 8 days as of today…I received the message of the service engineer and a land line number. The engineer visited and said the compressor needs to be taken to the service centre. Three times he has given date and timings but not turned up. Now he is not even picking up my calls. Your message received says to call 0832 2462175 but this number is never contactable. Your CC no on your website is 39404040 (prefix state capital STD code). I challenge any of you to call this number from Goa with a prefix of 0832…After contacting your call center at Mumbai on 02239404040 they gave me another number to contact which is 7738370907. Now this person has promised to come tomorrow…Looks like the customer care team/ Managers and Heads are all resting in peace and not bothered about the clients…After reading this message i hope somebody from Videocon bothers to call me or contact me on 9850095588…

  3. snow leopard says:

    I bought the Videocon AC and was waiting for the Instalaltion. the customer care responded in absolute un professional manner and they even didn’t bother to finish the installation on time.. there engineer came at 7 PM in the evenning and after multiple reminder and promisses through out the day. despite of saying the job is just of 2 hrs to complete the AC installation, they started to drag the work until 11 PM in the night and yet unfinished.. with no sight of gettin gthat completed in another 2 hrs… The engineer came was rude, un-professional, arrogant.
    Pathetic after sales service of Videcon.. worst ever experience so far.

  4. ananyesh says:

    Pathetic customer care services. The toll free number and customer care no published on net doesnot respond. People pick phone and intentionally disconnecting the call without speaking. Trying for last 15 days. Hopeless services ever seen in my life. Regret my decision to go for videocon ac.

  5. Vipin C Mohan says:

    *********** SOLUTION ************
    Press and hold “Up” & “Down” buttons together for 3 seconds.
    Your remote will be unlocked :)

  6. Akash says:

    I have purchased AC on 2-5-2013 but after 2 hours of installation it shut down and fused out whole electricity of house and when I complaint to dealer he didn’t reply and now customer care have asked me for 72 hours

  7. sitaram says:

    I purchased a videocon AC in HARIDWAR on 12.06.2012. I m continuously lodging the complaint to repair it but nobody from the company is coming to attend it. Local franchisee of the company is asking Rs.1500/- to repair it. Customer care is not resolving the issue and the telephone is kept on hold for hours. No body is serious towards the customer complaints. I am continuously trying it since 21.03.2013 but no results so far. videocon AC is a poor brand due to no response to its customers. Please think 100 times before buying the products of such companies. I will never purchase any product of Videocon in future.

  8. Kumaran says:

    I experience the same as all others .Poor service support.We are trying to speak to customer care executive they are not responding.since 3 months we are facing problem with AC.Strogly recommend not to buy videcon AC

  9. SivaReddy says:

    We are trying to speak to customer care executive they are not responding.since 3 months we are facing problem with AC.

  10. S J Palit says:

    my 1.5 ton split AC in showing F2 on its display. no other button is responding except off/on key. a fan is blowing very slowly and this is not cooling either. i have purchased this AC just in the month of march’12. model no is VAS53

  11. Manoranjan Singh says:

    One of 1.5 TR AC of our institute has been breakdown due to compressor failure.I lodge the complain on May 2012 (complain No:GOA300412003). I received the sms with contact No of person attending the call. after repeated requested he came and check the AC and informed that compressor is faulty. I send her PO copy for her information and agree on terms of payment. suddenly i received that my call has been canceled without repairing work. After that i called Goa service center person but he is not picking the phone. then i send email to customercare and received the call from customer care person that he needs a invoice copy i send invoice copy still no response. I am Incharge of AC and looking after the AC more than 450+ of different but i never such a careless service from other company. Now i am thinking to stop purchase of Videocon AC for institute. I done biggest mistake for recommending Videocon AC

  12. kamal says:

    One split AC was purchased lasst year 2011 and started giving problems after complaning for five times last year it could be repaired instead of changing the unit. This year summer has set in and same problem has occured again, when approached the dealer, rude response ” Comapny is to sell the product, we will lodge the complaint and send the same to call centre”
    If this is the response why one should buy the Videocon.And now if the unit is not repaired I shall be constrained to go to court and get my hard earned money back.

  13. BSNL Nashik says:

    We have installed more than 100 Nos Window A.C. Units in our Telephone Exchanges. We are facing maintenance problems regarding motors. We are not finding original motors in the market. Kindly give the service center detail address in nashik.

  14. Mohandas N says:

    Never ever buy a Videocon ac. Worst customer care service.
    I made a big mistake buying a videocon ac.
    If any problem reported even the senior managers are not trying to solve it and even telling the customers to complain in consumer courts.

  15. sunny says:

    We have made so many complaint against our ac but nobody came now. Now i think i made a big mistake by buying videocon AC
    i have been trying customer care for 4 days nobody is responding, worst customer care.Plz don,t buy videocon ac its my request

  16. Prasad says:

    Inefficient goons sit in the call centre. Only says “thodi dher ki bath phone karo”. Stupid female Swati- Good for nothing does not have any knowledge about the product. Your company (Videocon) is going to close very soon. Please purchase a big lock now itself & keep aside. Request the top management to start searching for jobs if you are going to give such services.

  17. vinod vyas says:

    No body is responding proper. After 7 days engineer will comes.

  18. Nakul Madan says:

    We have made so many camplaint against our ac but nobody came now I m going to make a complaint against them in consumer forum..

  19. shailendra says:

    no body is responding i m going to drag these fools to the court.

  20. shailendra says:

    i too made a big mistake buying videocon product.

  21. vikas saxena says:

    i made a big mistake by buying videocon AC

  22. sanket says:

    me too made a big mistake buy purchasing videocon AC,
    in future will not purcase any of the videocon product

  23. Omesh says:

    I ahve been trying costomer care for 5 days no boby is reponding, worst customer care. I have made big mistake buying this AC

  24. A Rehman says:

    My remote of AC is not working properly.

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