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Usha is one  of the oldest and the most trusted brand in India that offers best quality ceiling fans, sewing machine, home kitchen appliances, kitchen hoods & hobs, exhaust fan, table fan, pedestal and many more.  Listed below are Usha International Customer Care Number and contact details on which users can call the company for any queries they may have with regard to Usha products.

Usha Customer Care Toll Free Number:1800 1033 111
Email Address:

Usha International LogoUIL (Usha International Limited) is one of India’s renowned business groups with interests as diverse as fans and appliances to water coolers and dispensers. Usha has diversified product range and some of the products include:

  •     Fans
  •     Sewing machines
  •     Appliances
  •     PPD
  •     Gas appliances
  •     Water coolers and dispensers
  •     Auto products

UIL has an unmatched infrastructural backbone network across India to support customers. The company has over 16 offices, 60 company showrooms and 33 warehouses to support the customer needs across the country. For customer reference here we are providing Usha international office address.

USHA China 
Lin He Xi Road
#3705, China Shine Plaza, No. 9
tian he district -510000
Phone No:0086-020-38880661/62

USHA Srilanka
Bambalapitiya, Colombo
Usha International Ltd,
No.4, 1/1, De Vos Avenue
Phone No:(011) 250-8030

If you are looking for the other Customer Care numbers of the Usha products then here are few for your reference

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11 Responses to “Usha International Customer Care Number, Email Support & Website”

  1. PAWAN KUMAR says:

    Sub: Problem in Ceiling Fan

    Dear Sir

    I have purchased a usha ceiling fan on 03.08.2014,
    but when we switch on of fan, 2-3 min to take for riding and some fast sound came from fan,
    I have complained to usha c. no. C14082002338 dt. 20.08.2014, when the elctrician came he said that there is no problem and he gone,
    but the problem is still,
    now i have called 10-12 times to usha but nobody support me ,
    Tell me what should i do,
    You know that i am not free for complaint you daily,

    so pls solved this problem asap

    Pawan Kumar
    B-44, Jeevan Vihar
    Shashtri nagar, sector-16,

  2. vivek says:

    Writing to you out of utter frustration and the inability of your customer support.
    I wish there was a sweeter way of saying this.

    Extremely unhappy with the kind of support and reverts provided by the Usha Customer Care.


    • Complain no: C14070502685
    • Issue: The product has ceased to function following the first rain

    • Complain made on: 5th July
    • Today’s date: 14th July

    The service is horrible. And the legacy of the brand is nothing but shattered.
    All friends or acquaintances who were planning to buy one coolers, I’ve clearly told how irresponsible and unprofessional al the team has been.

    It was told the team will endvour to resolve the problem in 48 hours. We understand a delay of 2-3 days also added. But shocking part is, a call or 2 were made every day to the USHA CARE till today. Where people responded, some one would call in response of the grievance .

    Now 216 hours later, I would rather not want the product and at least let the other consumers know how things are handled in this extreme condition of the heat and weather and how much care was taken in handling the situation in the promise.

    I am utterly sorry that I trusted the brand. I regret that I brought this product. I’d rather throw this futile heap of nothingness and give to a trash collector.

    Congratulation on loosing another one of your previously loyal customers. Thanks Usha.

  3. Rahul Gulati says:

    I purchased a Usha Lexus 25 leter gyser in aug 2013, since last one month I am in watching your worst customer services.The technichians you hired for repair services are crooks. They just visit customer place to add kms to there local conveyance only.I submitted a complaint for gyser  on 24/12/2013 having reference number C13122401822 .After 2 days technicial visited my place and opened the gyser and  checked for about 20 min and finally told me that the fault is corrected.He then asked for copies of  bill and gurantee card and took the  3 digit code.As he was about to leave, I asked him to let me check the gyser.I found that the gyser was still not working.technician checked it again for ten min and left saying that 2 parts have to be changed in the gyser so he will come again tomm.I asked him to give back my photocopies available with him.he told me this is one and the same thing as he will complete the job tomm itself.When he did not turn up, I again called your customer service.they told me that the service centre closed my complaint.i informed your customer care about the whole story so they reopened the complaint with service reference number C14010300075 Dated 01/01/14.After 2 to 3 days I called your service centre and talked with the technician.he  then started telling that they do not do Usha Lexus service.i again called customer service and after discussing with Managet of service centre and your customer care, he finally agreed that he will do the needful.Next day, the same technician visited my place and then left saying that he is not having required parts available with him and they will send the request to usha international for providing the parts.Since then I called your customer service about 25 times but still nobody has visited my place.Now, if you still failed to send your technician by  max 24th January, I will  file a case in consumer court against USHA International

    Rahul GulatiMob 9569268060

  4. Jaideep Sharma says:

    Dear Sir/Mam

    Usha Lexus in a renowned company. But I am suffering with great grievance from last 1 and half year. I purchased Usha Lexus JMG (Model No JMG 1842) from Defence CSD Canteen in . On the first day itself it started creating problem. Since then I had registered 3 times my complaint with costumer care. My Complaint No are C-12020600924, C-1201100943, C-12120101025. On first complaint your rep came and returned without repairing it, On second complaint he took the mixture with him and returned in 7 days with same problem, but changed the jar with new jar. 3rd time I again registered my problem but no response.
    The problem with the product is that it shows sparking inside it and smells like burning of wires. The plastic and the stuff used to make the machine are so inferior that I can’t believe that such a elite company can product like this. I registered last complaint No C-12120101025 on 01 Dec 12, Since then your product is lying un repaired. Earlier I use to love Usha Lexus, but now Me and my family had decided not to go for it again for any product, unless you solve my problem or replace the product with good one, let it be similarly old of mine.
    Waiting for prompt response
    Otherwise I had decided to spent Rs 2000 for bad campaign of Usha Lexus, by means of pamphlets showing my grievance and inferiority of product. Thank you.

  5. Vishal Patil says:

    I purchesing the Usha food processar on 27.04.2013 but he will be not stratred i am completed to your customer care my completed no C – 13050100076 on 01/05/2013 but customer care excuative are not response & Service engr. are not comming at my home i am deliy contact to customer care excuative but he will only one answer tomarrow visit at Service engr. I am not happy to your service.

  6. narenderkumararora says:

    The one of your fan is creating sound while checked we found it is loosing grip from the center of upper to bottom. This can fell down any time. Now I am sure these are Kamla Market product selling with the sticked sticker of Usha.

  7. narenderkumararora says:

    I had lodged my complaint on this site dt. 1st Feburary, 2013, but it seems you have no remidy. Actually I feel the entire usha companies staff is involved with this curruption i.e.selling products without bill and supplying other then billed items & items are kamlamarket’s product OR sub standard quality of USHA.BRAND. Now I have to decide where I should write for Justice. I am writting this letter very last time for mutual relationship. If not find any response within 2 days then the company will be reponsible to give me compansation. The matter is pending with your manager Mr. Manish mob no. 9891237449 through several letters deliverd to him personally after purchased in the month of May, 2010.About 2 yrs have passed some of items are keeping in store inspite of huge amount paid. N.K. Arora.

  8. Narender Kumar Arora says:

    I am working with Coir Board, Govt. of India, my office was 1/16-A, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi at present posted to Ranchi, Jharkhand. I purchased some article from 1/13 Asaf Ali Road in May 2010. one exhaust kitchen fan, & one iron press sold to me without bill. Iron press returned but not received payment due to condition applied by manager i.e. when will be sold to other then will be refund. 6 fan purchased billing brand & supplied brand is not same. One small fan billing but delivered after 3 months. Hood purchased but fixed after 2 months then after one months given demonstration, requested to mechanic for fit the fan but that was not rotate. Is it kamla market product with usha sticker. Mixer/Grinder was burnt within month time replaced with highest price model but charged more then the naap tol. price & were giving free gift.Usha Showroom is doing MRTP BUSINESS. Written complaints given several time but not giving reply. At last after laps some time he replied warranty period is over. I could not send my complaint to Director Enforcement ISI because I am not available to see CEO Mr Wadhva ?

  9. Narender Kumar Arora says:

    I have Janam Imported sewing machine. The showroom Asaf ali Road, New Delhi is not proving mechanic for service the machine. for the last 2010. Can I hope ..

  10. Satyavir Singh says:


    Awaiting for your response. It’s very urgent, request please revert.

    Satyavir Singh

    From: usha care []
    Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2013 4:16 PM
    To: satyavir singh
    Subject: RE: water Gyser
    Importance: High

    Dear Mr. Satyavir Singh,

    We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    This is with reference to your e-mail dated 02/01/2013 expressing concern regarding your “Storage Water Heater”.

    We are pleased to inform you that your complaint id: C13010201189 has been forwarded to the concerned department. Our concerned team will get in touch with you.

    Should there be any further clarification, please feel free to get in touch with our Toll free call centre at 1800 1033 111(working hrs 08:00am to 08:00pm).

    Assuring you of our best services at all times.


    From: satyavir singh []
    Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2013 3:46 PM
    Cc: ‘Anil Agarwal'; ‘G.S.Tyagi'; ‘S.K.Sharma’
    Subject: FW: water Gyser


    We have lodged two complaint No.C12122400045 & C12122400047 on 24.12.12 for repairing of two geysers that is still unresolved. Once your Mr.Sanjit Kumar (9818 882 760) visited us after regular follow-up on 31.12.12 and returned just with a commitment that he will come back with some parts tomorrow.

    Today we have tried to Mr.Sanjit Kumar over phone at 9818882760 and also his superior Mr.Pradeep Kumar at 8800 292 474 but they are not even picking our phone. Then again I called your customer care executive and registered another complaint No.C13010201189 for repairing of the geyser.

    In the light of the above, we observed that there is a definite requirement of quality improvement and promptness in after sales service. Approx 10 days have passed and it is a very long time for repairing an heating instrument in winter season.

    I once again request you to please attend the complaint immediately.


    Satyavir Singh

  11. V.Muthusami says:

    The management of Usha International,


    I bought 15 nos. USHA 48“ SONATA MAX (1570) from the Chennai famous RATHNA FAN HOUSE, T.Nagar, Chennai on 7.1.2012. They were installed in my newly constructed home during August 2012. Initial check showed that lot of noise coming from all the fans. Particularly one fan gave unbearable noise. A complaint was registered at your customer care attended by one Mr. Perumal. He promised to send service engineers to rectify the defect in the problematic one and also check other fans. Service engr. came promptly rectified the manufacturing/assembling defect but inclined to check other fans.When we moved into the new home during first week of this month we could find lot of noise from another 3 fans and the rest of them giving noise at the start or at the end. We registered complaint on 14.9.2012 ( attended by Mr.Perumal. So far no servie Engr. came. Again a complaint was registered on 20.9.2012 ( attended by Mr.Dharman. No relief thus far. Again on 22.9.2012 when we tried the customer care the same Mr.Dharman attended and promised service soon and also will bring this to his superiors notice. Why the hell we suffer for your failures I don’t know. A fan upon my dining table is still and idle causing much inconvenience and other two are roaring-the rest may at any time become disrepair. I would therefore like to request you to give me remedy and my humble suggestion is to check your products before sending them to market. A reply will be much appreciated.

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