SkullCandy India Customer Care Number, Service Centers, Support & Website details

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SkullCandyContact SkullCandy India: Listed below are SkullCandy India Customer Care number, Service Centers address along with the Email support and website details for users who would like to contact the company with any service or support issues/complaints. For Warranty claims or issues you can contact the India Distributor or alternatively write to the International support Email given below.

Phone Number: +91 120 3067633

International Support:

Phone: 1-435-940-1545
Fax: 1-435-214-2566

SkullCandy India Dealer & Service Center: MB Accessories Pvt. Ltd is the authorized distributor for SkullCandy products in India, even for any service issues or complaints you can contact the below address and phone numbers or alternatively you can also write an email to the support team.
E-51, Sector 3, NOIDA
U.P., India – 201301
Fax: +91 120 4272365

About SkullCandy - Founded by Rick Alden in the year 2003, they are into design, manufacture and sales of headphone, earphones, audio backpacks, Mp3 players, hands free devices and other products. Headquartered in California, the brand has expanded worldwide and today the company’s products are sold in more than 70 countries in the world.

The headphones feature distinctive sound and leading-edge design which are offered in wide range styles and price points and the brand is also expanding into complementary audio products and accessories. For its innovative design and development, Fortune Magazine named it as ‘the world’s coolest ear bud’ in 2008.

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20 Responses to “SkullCandy India Customer Care Number, Service Centers, Support & Website details”

  1. Aviruddh Jain says:

    Hey, I purchase a Skullcandy Lowrider Earphone online from Flipkart on 26th August 2014. The phone has some problem .Kindly let me know how to claim a replacement for the same.

  2. Aviruddh Jain says:

    Hey, I bought a Skullcandy lowrider online from Flipkart. There is some problem with the earphone. Kindly brief me the procedure to claim warranty

  3. Aviruddh Jain says:

    I purchased a Skullcandy Lowrider from Flipkart on 26th Aug 2014. There is some crack in the wire. Kindly tell me the procedure to claim its warranty.

  4. aniket pol says:

    Are your service people dead?i gave my earphones back to replace or repair,he said come within two days & now after two weeks this shop in heera panna,mumbai name of the shop is GADGETS is the worst place to buy earphones or any electronice gadget.avoid going in this shop if you are staying in mumbai

  5. suresh says:

    my skullcandy smoking buds left not working…no damages at all…what to do…the service number not ringing…..

  6. CCI Support says:

    Skull Candy provides limited warranty for 1 year and 3 years of manufacturer warranty. Kindly dial to the service center Phone number mentioned above and avail the repair or replacement service at free of cost.

  7. ayush singhal says:

    i purchased earphones 2 month ago …now left side is not working….we dont expect this type of happenings with such a famous company ….atleast tell me how can i claim and where to go for repairing or exchange

  8. Yash Modak says:

    I own skullcandy inkd’ . I used for one month without any rough use…and today both sides arnt working..i mean we guys spend on you headphones so that they can last long and we dont have to buy another ones…i mail you…no rply…real disappoinment!

  9. Balagopal says:

    I recently bought skullcandy earphone..and i used just a week.. without any reason the left earphone speakers have stopped working completely. this is a disappointment when you spend money on headphones you are told to be good quality and they don’t even work properly.

  10. Dinesh Rajan Nadkar says:

    hello my hearphones in warranty.
    m stay @ lowerparel, maharashtra , mumbai-13
    please send me add of service center near lower parel, mumbai
    my mobile no is 9821680377

  11. nishit gupta says:

    one side of my headphones are not working

  12. Sayak Ganguly says:

    I have a Skullcandy lowrider headphone but there is a problem with the headphone jack and I just need to get it repaired but I am from Kolkata and dont know from where I’ll repair it so please help me in this matter.I have exceeded my warranty period and just want to know how much will be the cost to repair it.I just have a problem with the jack.

  13. shani goel says:

    Skullcandy S2DUDZ-003. only 1 side working no external damage. so how can i reclaim them.

  14. akshay says:

    i have an skull candy fullmetaljacket and its one ear phone is not working properly sometimes voice cant be heard from that what should i do

  15. venkateswara rao says:

    My head set is not working due to sudden jerk observed on that. And doesn’t shown any damage……………… so i am from hyderabad…………… how to repair that one……….

  16. anssh says:

    i have a skullcandy uprock headphone, and the wire in it has come out so what should i do to reclaim it? its under warranty! please let me know on 9833313114

  17. Roshan Shinde says:

    plzz give me the address or number of skullcandy service centers in or near mumbai and thane ! itz very urgent

  18. kavishsingh says:

    i have a skullcandy supreme sound headphones a mounth before and i bought it from flipcart. com n it is working not properly so now what to do

  19. ravi says:

    in my headphones some connection has broken up what should i do now to reclaim it

  20. azim ali says:

    hey i just bought uprock and somewhere wiring present inside this went wrong and now its not working properly…i showed it to the dealer bt he is asking for 50 prcnt…its in in warranty…cn u help me in this please??

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