Panasonic Washing Machine Customer Service Phone Number

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Panasonic Washing Machine Customer Service Phone number – The customers can refer the Panasonic Washing Machine Customer Service Phone number mentioned below and make use of the services offered by the Panasonic washing machine customer care.

Panasonic Washing Machine Customer Care Phone number : +91-44-22301952/22304100 , +91-44-22304153/54

Panasonic Washing Machine Fax number : +91-44-22301951

Panasonic Washing Machine Toll Free number : 1860 425 1860

Panasonic Washing Machine email :

For more information about panasonic  , visit the website :

If you want looking other information regards Panasonic visit Panasonic India Customer Care Number

Panasonic Washing Machine

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2 Responses to “Panasonic Washing Machine Customer Service Phone Number”

  1. Very Disappointed says:

    I bought a Panasonic Washing Machine 7.5kg Twin Tub from Western Appliances in Festival Mall Alabang last January 26, 2013 and was delivered February 2, 2013.

    I even listened to the advise of the SALES REPRESENTATIVE and signed up a 3 year warranty extension. Ayun pala, it’s there for a REASON.

    Since we do laundry only once a week every Saturday, we use the unit only once a week. The spinner no longer works on the third time, and that was February 16 , 2013. The spinner no longer works because the outer lid cover of the spinner can not be closed properly. I phoned Western Appliances and was told that the Panasonic Sales Representative whom I dealt with was on leave and that she will relay the message on Monday, Feb 18. Since the day ends on Monday with no phone call from Panasonic. I made another call to Western on Feb 19 and was informed that no one informed the Panasonic sales representative. So Leah the Panasonic sales representative from Western informed me that the service is scheduled to come on Thursday, Feb 21. Still NO ONE came over. Then, I made another follow-up on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and was told that NASIRAAN ng SASAKYAN, therefore no one came over. But then, we waited the whole day and no one called to advise that no one is coming or they will rescheduled. I was told that Panasonic will resked the service on Monday. Monday morning, the Panasonic Service Center called up to inform me their on CODING every Monday and will resked to Tuesday. To cut the long story short, after 1 week and 3 days of follow-ups, I was told that the service man from DAIRO AIRE CORPORATION of NO. 18 NATIONAL ROAD, BAYANAN, MUNTINLUPA CITY(ELECTRONICS/ELECTRICAL/AIRCON AND REFRIGERATOR) will come. Finally, he came on February 25, 2013 arrived driving a motorcycle, tightened the loosened spring in less than 5 minutes and left. That was on a Monday(After they received my complaint that I will be returning the washing machine, they find ways to show up on a Monday even if it was their CARLESS DAY (CODING).

    That didnt end. In less than a week, come Saturday morning of the same week, March 2, 2013, I soaked the clothes in the washer and left it overnight. We left for a sleepover party and came back on a Sunday, March 3, our floor is all wet and the water in the washer were all drained up. I checked the selection knob and it’s NOT turned to DRAIN. I reported the incident to Western Appliances on a Sunday and was told that they will report the issue to Panasonic on Monday morning.

    On March 4, I was contacted by Paul Hernandez of Western Appliances Service Center and was told that a service has been scheduled and that on March 6, someone from Ventures(Panasonic Outsourced Service Center) will come over. I was then given the contact name of Ventures and contact person Jay-Ann and the latter informed me that from 9am-12noon, someone will come. On March 6, at 9:00am, I contacted Jay-Ann and was told that the service man has left and we’re second to be serviced. Right now, it’s almost 4pm and no one has come and there’s also no advise from this Panasonic Service Center that no one will come. I called up Western Appliances to inform them that I will be returning the washing machine to them today. I was told that they will contact me again within the day to find out why the service center didnt come.

  2. Shekhar Manohar Joshi says:

    I have a Panasonic fully automatic washing machine top loading and the dirt filter is lost.

    I live in SHARJAH, UAE.

    I need to buy a new filter but do not know the source from where to buy it.

    The shop from where I bought this machine 6 years ago does not do spare part sales.

    If there is a source please infrom me via e-mail at

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