LG Refrigerator Customer Care Contact Number, Toll Free number, Email Address

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LG Refrigerator Customer care contact number – The LG Refrigerator Customer care contact number are mentioned below for the benefit of the people who are in need of the services for their LG refrigerator.

LG Refrigerator Customer Care toll free number :

1800 180 9999 (The service is available only from BSNL/MTNL )

3901 0909 ( Prefix STD code )

LG Refrigerator Customer Service Phone Number : 0120-2560960

LG Refrigerator customer care Email id : lgservice@lgindia.com

For more information about LG refrigerator price ,LG refrigerator models , visit the website : www.in.lge.comLG Refrigerator

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18 Responses to “LG Refrigerator Customer Care Contact Number, Toll Free number, Email Address”

  1. m k jyotishi says:

    please give me odisha service head contact number for the complaint of poor service i have sold double door ref on2012 nov i have registered the complaint rourkela(odisha)on dated13/02/2014 till now no expert or technician attend problem please find the problem as soon as posible adress;plot no-250(near mixture fectoyr) hamirpur ,rourkela phone number -9437585253

  2. Rohit Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is the identical complains which have been reported at this site in past have been recently exprienced by us also. We have lodged a complian on customer care and chased them to repair the fridge. After seven odd days service engineer appeared and serviced the fridge. But after 4-5 days again fridge stopped working. We agian phoned customer care but the customer care representative was very unfriendly. He was more interested in telling us the charges than to solve our problem. We have paid once for repairs and service which was not rectified by service engineer. AM I RESPONISBLE TO PAY AGAIN.


  3. Manoj J. Gundalia says:

    I have purchase my LG Refrigerator (double door) on dated 31/10/2010 Model No.M No.GL254 AM45 Sr. No.107 NRXC-042482 from M/s Mansukhlal Gokaldas & Sons, Nr. Uco Bank, M. G. Road, Junagadh.

    I have complaint on dated 14/04/2013 in the evening at LG Product Customer Care Centre phone 1800-180-9999 for register my complaint that my refrigerator has cooling problem. They told me that the service Engineer will be come within 24 hours at my home. Today (16-04-2013) at evening service Engineer has come at my home, he told me that the gas transfer tube is punctured and therefore refrigerator send for repairing at service station. He estimated proposed repairing cost Rs 1700/-. However my warranty period is already over so no complaint about it.

    I proud of LG it is prime company of Home appliances. i will appreciate the service facilities provide by the company in the small centre like Junagadh (Gujarat). But, I was shocked and confused how the Company like LG make this mistake. I have seen back side of the refrigerator, There was almost no coating on Gas tube and Gas tube is vulnerable to water so the problem after few year will definately be raised. However warranty of compressor is 4 years, it is ok. I don’t know whether it company manufacturing fault or accessories fault but is it proper?. I request you to kindly take care about this minor mistake otherwise customer like me will not satisfied longer with your product. After 1 and half year this fault is occurred, though it is may be accessory fault but some doubt always be remain in customer mind, that will lead to detachment with company products.

    I have send my Double door LG refrigerator for service, i request you to Kindly give me concession if possible on above estimated cost of Rs 1700/-

    Name : Manoj J. Gundalia
    Address : “Parvati”, 3, Shrinathaji Estate, Nr. Patidar Plywood, Pramukh Swami Marg, Timbavadi, Junagadh. Gujarat. 362 015.

    Mobile No. 9909461142

  4. Anoop Ashokan says:

    I purchased an LG refrigerator on 28 th Aug 2011 under extended warranty. As it was not cooling properly I registered a complaint with their toll free number 18001809999 on 25 Feb 2013. Even after successing phone calls to the toll free number No one came to repair the refrigerator! On March 2nd I was informed that someone might come on 4th March! So much for quick Service! This has been harassment and unsatisfactory service from LG company. I would Like to enlighten my fellow human beings( who should think before you buy a LG product!) about this poor service or rather No service! Once theLGproduct has been purchased you have walked into a trap! So Please Do Not Make A Mistake and Buy LG products!
    Anoop Asokan, Kollam Kerala

  5. I buy my lg fridge at fair price at Tembisa on 2010 now is not working .ipaye r 8900 . And i buy my kelvinetor on 1988 is still working .wish means lg they are making fake fridge I buy shitt lg they toll free not working .iwant lg company to come and replacing my frige or to fixed that fake refrigerators.is nice is a fonkonkho my nomber 0833189030 please phone me

  6. Nand Kishore Pandey West Vinod Nagar Delhi says:

    Door of freezer of my LG Refrigerator has broken. On lodging complaint with customer care LG on 18.11.12, 1.12.12 and 8.12.12, one rep. of LG has come and noted down the model no. and assured that he will come and replace the door. Thereafter, on asking serveral times, he has replied that the door of this model( 241 NM4) is not available. I have found that LG services are very poor and only assurance is given by the customer care and its representatives. It is not understood what to do ? I have learnt a lesson not to purchase LG products in future.

  7. Rahul says:

    LG’s customer service is worst, i have ever seen. I am trying to contact them as LG refri showing problem within 2 months. But no one responding.

  8. pawan K aggarwal says:

    My dear friends,
    you are the recent buyers of LG Refrgirator.
    i am repenting since 12-12-2007 and they have not cared at all to reply tome/visited.
    Fridge is lying in a corner of my house and i show every visitor to beware of LG Products.

    pawan K Aggarwal

  9. Jodol says:

    LG customer service is the worst that I have had to deal with. Firstly the hold times are indordinately long, then when some one finally answers all they do is generate a request number mechanically and tell you that “some one will attend to your request shortly”

    That shortly has never come up.

    I don’t about the service of other korean brands, but I know for a fact that IFB has a far better service. Why can’t these korean blokes go beyond making cheap products and give some service as well. Looks like their motto is is Sell it , Forget it, let the customer suffer.

  10. Anil says:

    I bought fridge on 31 Jan 2011 and I got first problem in Sep 2011. There was no cooling at all. I complaint to my dealer and he registered complaint to LG service center. after 3 days one person came noted down something and said other technician will come tomorrow. After 2 days other technician came and said gas is choked so he will come tommorrow with all equipments. Again after 2 days he returns and repaired the fridge. When my wife asked how long will it go now? he said atleast 4-5 years.
    Now since last two week I am facing the same problem. Calling them again and again and no one responds.

    I think we should publish ads in news paper against LG products and their service.

  11. Rajiv Mehta says:

    Sub.:- Harrassment & Unsatisfactory service after sale

    Dear Sir,

    It is a matter of great concern & surprise that I had purchased your Refrigerator Model no.- GL325TM vide Bill No.3592 dated 12.06.06 from M/S Electro World, Panipat.

    This Refrigerator started giving troubles from the last 2 years but since these were tolerable hence were ignored from my side.

    However, when I had no other alternative, I approached/complained your authorized service Centre i.e M/S Hari Om Service, Panipat vide Complaint no.- 110601048605 on dated- 31/05/11.

    After that, visiting so many times your service centre , finally Mr. Rathi (Engr.) visited my residence NFL ,Township,Panipat & clarified that Gas is to be filled up. Hence, gas was filled up on dated 07.06.11 & an amount of Rs,1060/- was charged from me vide Receipt No. 2182.But, again the same fault was noticed & complained in this regard. Then, gas was filled up on 09.06.11 again.

    Now, after passing 2 months time, the same problem has arisen & when your Service Centre was contacted vide Complaint no.- RNA110827010506 dated 27/8/11 in this regard & they ( Mr. Pawan ,Engr.) have mentioned that compressor has to be replaced & since my Refrigerator’s guarantee period has been over in the month of May,2011 hence Rs, 4200.00 has to be paid by me.

    You will appreciate that I have purchased your product due to your product durability & reputation in the market but under the above circumstances, I feel that these are not considered as satisfactory. Above these your Service Centre Service are also not reliable since within a period of 2 months, same fault is being experienced. I now feel cheated that in the first instance i.e on dt. 31.05.11, compressor was required to be replaced which was not replaced at that time so that my grievance could have been resolved once for all but this was not done & Rs.1060/- was wrongly charged from me. Reasons for not replacing compressor at that time are well known to your Service Centre, Panipat.

    Under the above circumstances, I approach your good office that prompt action may be taken to replace my defective Compressor so that I can get satisfactory service of your product without fail.

    Needless to mention that action to refund my earlier paid amount of Rs.1060/- is required by your good office which were wrongly charged by your Service Centre. I hope, keeping in view your good /healthy relations with the your customers an appropriate action will be taken.

    Thanking you,

    Rajiv Mehta,
    (M) 94665-73463

  12. hitesh madlani says:

    i purchased lg refrigerator on 22-3-2011, and it was watering on freezer door, i was complaint to the dealer on 24/04/2011, the send one person to my house and he said its normal, you have to slide backside down your refrigerator and he put tiles in front site of refrigerator step. and gone away. next day again i go to dealer and ask what this this type i have to put in my house, he tried to consider that its problem because of temperature of outside, when we open the door outside temperature entered in the freezer and water comes out. (what outside temperature is more then 70 degree ? that means your product not work in a’bad and other hot countries__)

    after too many argument he agree to lodge again complain and second day (i.e. 28/04/2011) technical person come at home and just say OK your refrigerator have technical fault and company will replace in four days. after that no response from the any person. after a week i again go to the service center they not done any thing and after this much time they asking a copy of my purchase bill. again no any reply from any body and after one week i check with service center they say today we will send your bill to rajkot office and you will get product in 3 days. again after one week i gone and ask they said oh we didn’t take photo of your refrigerator we have to take that after all that process i was get the new one on 04/06/20011 that means (28/04/2011 to 04/06/2011 means 38 days of agree to change and 5 day try to consider that product is not faulty ) what i nice service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now i talk to dealer, customer care, service center and all consult persons, about my 1 year warranty period they said it only consider on the date of purchase bill that means 22-03-2011, but i got the product on 04-6-2011 so what about my 75 day which company not consider in warranty, because i got the product on 4-6-2011.

    till new refrigerator also not cooling well ( after more then 1 hour water not cool (i say cool not chilled) ) and till service center person says this is ok.

    how can we trust this company products in future.

    till i not satisfy with product and i really appreciate if i get back my money.

    hitesh madlani
    mobile no. 09909982722

  13. Suhas Phadtare says:

    My LG Fridge 14 months old caught fire, service person came on third day without any spareparts. Fridge was send for repair & observation. Fridge was deliver to me with all scratches & even the door paint & finish damage by LG person. LG direct service manager rudely spoke to my wife & said ” What can I do now?”. We refused to accept damaged fridge & ask them to replace the door which is damaged by them. The took the fridge with them. No feedback, No reply since then more than three weeks are passed, no reponse from LG Customer service. VERY VERT WROST LG CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE & VERY POOR PRODUCT QUALITY. In future I will never buy any LG product.

  14. Sharma says:

    We have lodge a complaint on LG fidge quite few days back. after calliing 2 to 3 times one person came to us and cheked and went. Ho told that some other person will come to repair that probelm. No body turned up till date. I am agrreing with all my friends who are suffering from LG that, The service is VERY POOR .

  15. Shraddha says:

    LG CARE SERVICE IS VERY WORST ..i had bought a LG refrigerator on. 17th Oct 2010 .Right from the same day registered the complaint immediately nt a 1 time its a 4 time bt nt anyone responding me.If u not solve a problem so say me clierly I solve my problem my way…

    Shraddha Jadhav.
    Pune {maharastra}

  16. Aahna says:

    Your service is the worst service i have ever seen. I keep on dialing your number, but no one picks up the phone. I also request all the buyers, not to buy any of the LG products.

    Thank You

  17. sanjay milwani says:

    i had bought a LG refrigerator on. 25.06.2007.Right from the second day ; it starts troubling me.I had registered the complaint immediately.since then , the company had not change it. Now again a major fault arose in it dt.25.08.2010.Please send an expert technician to my home address 103,prem nagar , SITAPUR,UP to sort out the problem.If this time u have not change my refrigerator ,i will publish the matter in each and every newspaper and go the CONSUMER FORUM also. sanjay milwani 103 PREM NAGAR, SITAPUR MOB.NO.9935422496 OR 05862270018

  18. Paritosh Rungta says:
    July 20, 2010 at 04-45 pm
    Dear sir,
    please give me uttar pradesh service head contact number for the complaint of poor service .I have complaint (c1071233353)PLZ GIVE CONTACT &FIND THE PROBLEM
    Thanks & Regards,


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