ICICI Customer Care Number – ICICI Toll Free Number

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icici-bank customer care numbers

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number is providing the information for customers who are interested to know about the ICICI Bank Services and ICICI Bank Toll Free Numbers. ICICI Bank is the second largest bank in India with ICICI Head Office located at Mumbai. ICICI Bank was found in 1994 and now it is having a network of 2533 branches and 6,800 ATM’s in India and got its branches in over 19 countries. ICICI Bank provides different ICICI Services with individual customer care numbers and you can call up each service and clarify your doubts and solve your issues regarding ICICI Home Finance, Mutual Funds, Venture Funds, Life Insurances etc.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Toll Free Number:

Following are the ICICI Bank Customer Care Numbers provided where you can make a call to the ICICI Customer Care Number and raise your issues and complaints. In addition to the ICICI Toll Free Number, you are also provided with the ICICI Bank Non Toll Free Number and the details are given below:

ICICI Bank Toll Free Customer Care Number: 1800-22-4848.

ICICI Bank Non Toll Free Number: 91-40-2312 8925.

ICICI Wealth/Private Banking Toll Free Number:1800-103-8181,1800-22-8181.

ICICI Personal Customer Care Numbers:

ICICI Ahmedabad Care Number: 6630 9890/33667777.

ICICI Andhra Pradesh Customer Care Number: 98495 78000/ 7306667777.

ICICI Assam Customer Care Number: 9954108000.

ICICI Bengaluru Customer Care Number: 41131877/ 33667777.

ICICI Bhopal Customer care Number: 33667777.

ICICI Bhubaneshwar Customer Care Number: 9938488000 / 3366777.

ICICI Bihar Customer Care Number: 9934008000/ 8102667777.

ICICI Chandigarh Customer Care Number: 5055700/ 3366777.

ICICI Chattisgarh Customer Care number: 9893208000.

ICICI Chennai Customer Care Number: 42088000/ 33667777.

ICICI Coimbatore Customer Care Number: 4358000 / 7305667777.

ICICI Cuttak Customer Care Number: 9938488000/9692667777

ICICI Darjeeling Customer Care Number:  9933008000 / 8101667777

ICICI Dehradun Customer Care Number: 3366777

ICICI Delhi Customer Care Number: 41718000 / 33667777

ICICI Delhi(mobile)Customer Care Number: 9818178000

ICICI Ernakulam Customer Care Number: 3366777

ICICI Goa Customer Care Number: 9890478000 / 3366777

ICICI Gujarat Customer Care Number: 9898278000 / 8000667777

ICICI Gurgaon Customer Care Number:   3366777

ICICI Guwahathi Customer Care Number: 9954108000

ICICI Haryana Customer Care Number: 9896178000 / 9017667777

ICICI Himachal Pradesh Customer Care Number:  9816608000 / 9817667777

ICICI Hyderabad Customer Care Number: 23128000 / 33667777

ICICI Indore Customer Care Number:  4022005 / 9098667777

ICICI Jaipur Customer Care Number: 3366777

ICICI Jamshedpur Customer Care Number:   9934008000

ICICI Jharkand Customer Care Number: 9934008000

ICICI Karnataka Customer Care Number: 9845578000 / 8088667777

ICICI Kerala Customer Care Number:  9895478000 / 9020667777

ICICI Kochi Customer Care Number: 9895478000 / 9020667777

ICICI Kolkata Customer Care Number: 9831378000 / 33667777

ICICI Lucknow Customer Care Number: 9936218000 / 3366777

ICICI Madhya Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9893208000 / 9098667777

ICICI Maharashtra Customer Care Number:  9890478000 / 9021667777

ICICI Mumbai Customer Care Number: 28307777 / 33667777

ICICI Orissa Customer Care Number: 9938488000 / 9692667777

ICICI North East Customer Care Number:  9862408000

ICICI Panaji Customer Care Number: 3366777

ICICI Patna Customer Care Number: 9934008000 / 3366777

ICICI Pune Customer Care Number: 9890478000 / 9021667777

ICICI Punjab Customer Care Number: 9815558000 / 7307667777

ICICI Raipur Customer Care Number: 3366777

ICICI Rajasthan Customer Care Number: 9829222292 / 7877667777

ICICI Ranchi Customer Care Number:  9934008000 / 3366777

ICICI Shimla Customer Care Number: 3366777

ICICI Siliguri Customer Care Number: 9934008000 / 3366777ICICI Tamil Nadu Customer Care Number:

ICICI UP East Customer Care Number: 9936218000 / 8081667777

ICICI UP West Customer Care Number: 9897308000

ICICI Uttaranchal Customer Care Number:  9897308000

ICICI West Bengal Customer Care Number:  9933008000 / 8101667777

In addition to the above customer care information provided, you also got the ICICI Mobile Banking where you can access your account through mobile and you can get all the mobile related information by visiting the Website.

ICICI Bank provides different services like ICICI Home Loans, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance etc.,. Following are the links where you can get the ICICI Bank Services Customer Care Numbers and Contact Details:

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Customer Care Number

ICICI Securities Customer Care Number

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Customer Care Number

ICICI Venture Customer Care Number

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

ICICI also provides customer Internet Banking facility through which customers can also follow up their ICICI Online Transactions very easily instead of going to the bank. In addiotion to the above customer care information provided you can also get the details regarding ICICI Education Loan for students, ICICI Gold Loan and many other Loans related information by visiting the Website

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If you feel that if there is any missing information or anything which has been changed over the period of time or any wrong Information, please add/share the updated information using the comment form below. We would be really thankful if you can help improve the information present on this page by leaving your comments.

32 Responses to “ICICI Customer Care Number – ICICI Toll Free Number”

  1. sunil upadhyay says:

    Bullshit What kind of customer care service, provide by you.my internet banking user I’d locked.I have tried many time to call customer care services but call intrupted in middle of call.please resolved my query

  2. Sadhana/Gyan prakash says:

    Nit in(291002) collected 12500 for woman power a/c on 10 Oct
    but a/c is not active till today(after 9days).
    why ????
    I will complain to higher authority on 20 Oct .
    please send directions to Nitin for Refund my money ,I don’t want any a/c with ICICI Bank.
    Reply fast
    9548453757-Gyan prakash

  3. Khaiser Hussain Shaikh says:

    Dear sir/madam

    please provide me customer care number to ask my problem becoz this number 2233667777 does not connect me to your responsible person.

  4. admin says:

    HI Rohit,

    First of all please stop the autodetection from your iccibank account to the credit card bill payment and log a complaint with the customer care team that you have note received the card and not in anyway related to the transcation made since you havn’t received it. Only the customer care team can block your credit card.

    customer support CCI

  5. ROHIT SINGH says:

    I haven’t recvd the credit card..

    Also i have contacted the customer care some 15 days back.. to cancel the credit card ..

    But still the credit card statement has been issued and also it was been debited from from my account.

    Rohit Singh

  6. CCI Support says:

    For any queries, you can contact the number 1800 102 4242 and get the issues solved.

  7. rajeev kumar singal says:

    I am trying to contact ICICI customer care person for the last 15 days but could not contact them. whether they you can call me or give some other phone number.
    day by day the services of ICICI bank is getting poor.
    Even my above complaint of 26 Sept. is till pending.
    should i close all my accounts ?

  8. admin says:

    hi Naveen,

    By update if you mean that you got a new phone in that case you need to download the IMobile app again and follow the normal procedure as you did in the previous phone. Hope it should work.


  9. admin says:

    Hi Rethesh Shet,

    Sometimes such a problem might occur if there is some problem with the ATM machine. please call the customer care once and check. I hope that as long as you do not receive the cash in hand it will not get detected from your account. you might get an SMS because you tried to make a transaction but later the amount will be roll back to your account.


  10. Naveen says:

    Actually I am using I mobile application in my cell phone. When I update my phone I mobile is not working. And I’m not able to view my account details.

  11. rajeev kumar singal says:


    your customer care is very poor, IVRS system is totally failure since long time.
    i am calling from my registered mobile but the system says it is not registered and unable to generate new pin against new debit card issued. pl.solve my problem my mob 9417004321.

  12. Shivkumar R Siddhesh says:

    Dear Customer Care team,
    in Chichwad ICICI drop Box I have drop the Chqeue but not clear & Bank Charge me Late Charges & Penalt ?
    how can you make Poor Service forecely collect money from the members?
    it is not corect………….

  13. Tannawy says:

    I am trying to contact customer care executive from last 10 days but I am unable to do so..
    Very poor service. Not expected.

  14. SURESH KUMAR says:

    I am trying to contact ICICI customer care for the last 15 days but could not contact them. whether they can call or give some other phone number preferable toll free.
    day by day the services of ICICI bank is getting pooR


  15. mahabob jamal says:

    Dear Customer care Team,

    What happend your customer care number. Now a days a its worst think is going on your customer care number.

  16. swetha says:

    hi i want to talk to customer care executive regarding my insurance policy, it is not reaching customer care executive. very bad services.

  17. anita aggarwal says:

    due to difference in account I am trying to contact ICICI customer care for the last 15 days but could not contact them. whether they can call or give some other phone number preferable toll free.
    day by day the services of ICICI bank is getting poor.

  18. ICICI Customer care says:

    very poor service, I’m trying the customer care no since last 4-5 days. I want to update my phone number but call never goes to Customer care executive and always says “due to exceptional load…..” Its very frustrating.

  19. Anshuman says:

    ICICI customer care service has become worst now. See below the list of issues :

    1. Whenever call them voice is not clear
    2. Toll free number is not mentioned. There should be some toll free number
    3. Executive takes all the details on phone and suddenly put the call on hold for indefinite time without informing the caller.
    4. Open the FD account online and FD opened with the wrong tenure. and its giving lesser interest.

    I always found ICICI customer service very nice I don’t understand why all of sudden why it has been degraded to this level.

  20. Ranganath says:

    Hi ICICI Customer Care,

    I am trying to reach to customer care representative from couple of day but the call gets disconnected after taking all the details, Please call me on my mobile no 9866691326, I have issue to be resolved with credit card.

    thank you

  21. mani.j says:

    Dear customer care-can u provide me with a correct toll free number so that I can speak with the executive regarding activating of my upgraded credit card. I have contacted ur toll free no for the last 3 working days but the msg was it was not live. please call me on my mobile no.9447473727. thanks n regards-mani.j

  22. Kriti ranjan says:

    Dear icici bank team member,

    I used net banking last 2 year its too safe & easy to operate. but from the last month I can’t fund transfer to any other account .because I don’t received OTP where I already registered my updated new contact no.We requested to you please update your correct toll free no.

    thanks & regards
    Kriti ranjan

  23. Amit says:

    Can you please provide me a contact number on that i can speak with the executive regarding my closed savings bank account.

  24. Kalpesh says:

    I have Salary account with ICICI. i also have Demat account from last one year.
    i dnt have a single transition with my Demat account in last one year.
    but today i got charged amt 389.47 RS. it was mentioned that this amount is deducted for DP account till oct-2012. this is very shocking experience for me that the amount present in my account gets deducted saying charger for DP account.
    wanted to know the charging policy for Demat account from ICICI bank.
    Expects kind resolution.


  25. Manish says:

    Can you please provide the customer care number on that i can speak with customer care executive in delhi region.

  26. Rohit Singh says:

    I am trying to contact customer care excutive but it’s give 2many option and i have trird every option but i could not directly contact to customer care excutive. so please provied me that no in which i can direct contact you.

  27. Faheem Ghouri says:

    Hello ICICI ,

    I am Mohd Faheem Ghouri and i am a customer of your bank from past one year and very much satisfied with your work but TWO days back I made a online recharge of 50 rupees but recharge doesn’t happen and my amount got deducted from my account. I am trying to reach customer care but there are so many option to select to reach customer care on phone , So I am requesting you to call me and assist me in this . I need my amount back as i have not used that. Please call me on my number 9700457105. I just want to see how ICICI will take action on this Issue.

    Faheem Ghouri

  28. Abhijit Nandi says:

    Hello ICICI customer care..in my savings online account..when i am trying to access online account it is showing…User id is disabled..please help me to enable my user id

  29. shambhu nath dokania says:

    ICICI Bank Ltd.
    Customer Care

    Dear Sir

    Sub: Debit of Rs.36210.93,Rs 41465.42,Rs 53009,
    Ref: A/c No- 029105000082

    We are sorry to inform you that our account has been debited by Rs.36210.93,Rs 41465.42,Rs 53009 as Transaction Charges for the month of February/March/May-10.

    As wewere not informed about such charges, so you are requested to refund the said amount and oblige.

    Thanks & Regards
    Shambhu Nath Dokania
    KS Motors

  30. rajeev jain says:

    respected officer,
    recently MDDA dehradun launched a scheme in which plotting of land in transport nagar phase 2 (dehradun) for offices and godowns. in that article they gave us contact details of 4 respective branches in dehradun region for collection and submission of forms.
    I am tryin to contact the branches but from them: the chakrata road branch has its phone switched off, Rajpur road is out of order n rest two branches are nt picking the phone.
    I live in chakrata which is about 100km away from dehradun and is a typical hilly area. Its useless for me to come to dehradun without getting the details from the respective bank. Its too hectic for me as i am tryin to contact them since hours. Please try to figure it out as its the basic problem of all the ICICI costumers in this region as fast as possible.

    rajeev jain
    16, sadar bazar , chakrata

  31. dr vadla siva prasad says:

    i wish to close NRI account can i convert into savings account which is at kukutpalli branch,hyderabad,pl suggest.
    dr siva prasad vadla.

  32. Jenish Shah says:

    Dear Customer Care team,

    Can you pls provide me your contact details as some of the contents displayed on your site for ICICI Bank are wrong and needs to be changed. Request if you can contact me on 26531397 at the earliest.

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