Aravind Eye Hospital Customer Care Number, Email Address

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Aravind eye hospital was established in the year 1976 by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy. It is one of the leading eye hospitals in India with many branches located across the major cities in India.  It is an eleven bed hospital maintained by 4 medical officers. It was named after Sr Aurobindo who is the most reverted spiritual leader. The hospital is maintained by expertise doctors, nurses and technicians who have undergone training in the respective segment. Hospital services, community outreach, education and training, LAICO, Aurolab, eye bank, Aravind medical research foundation are the different services offered by the Aravind eye hospital.

Aravind Eye Hospital Contact Number:

If you have any queries related to the services offered by the company, kindly make use of the above mentioned contact Number to get in touch with the customer care team.

Phone Number: +91-452-435 6100,

E-mail ID:[email protected]

For more detailed information about the company, kindly visit the company official website.

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