Whatsapp Customer Care India, Services, Mobile Number Verification

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Listed below are  Whats App Customer Care Email Ids, Mobile Verification Process for the users to solve issues in operating the application.

Whatsapp Customer Support Contacts:

If you have any queries with the WhatsApp application, kindly get in touch with the technical team of the company by using the below mentioned Email address.

Customer Support Email ID: support@whatsapp.com
Business Inquiries: bd@whatsapp.com
Press Inquiries: press@whatsapp.com

To download the Whatsapp application to your mobile or to know the availability of app in your language, please visit the company official website.

WhatsApp Corporate Office:
WhatsApp Inc.
650 Castro Street, Suite 120-219
Mountain View, California, 94041
United States of America

Whatsapp Services:

Text Chat: This feature allows the users to use wide range of emoticons along with the text content to chat with the other WhatsApp users.

Voice Messages: WhatsApp users can send unlimited free voice messages over internet with their friends and family.

Sending Places and Group Icons: This feature enables the users to share their location with the chat partner or to the group in which the user is a member.

Internet Calls: WhatsApp also allows the users to make calls to the other WhatsApp users with good internet connection.

Verifying Mobile Number in WhatsApp

  • After installing WhatsApp application, make sure you have entered the correct phone number with the country code provided in the box. Otherwise the verification code can’t be sent to you.
  • Check the internet connection through Wi – Fi, cellular data, 4G, or EDGE service. If you are roaming, verification may not work correctly.
  • If this does not work reboot the device and if the verification doesn’t complete even after rebooting delete the application and reinstall it.
  • Send a test SMS message from your phone, to your phone number exactly as it appears inside WhatsApp, including the country code. If it took a while to receive the test SMS you sent from your phone, retry verification and wait for the progress bar to finish. This may take up to 10 minutes, so please be patient.
  • If the timer runs out and verification fails, an option should appear to request a phone call. Choose the Call me option to request the call, and wait a few seconds for your phone to ring. When you answer, an automated voice should tell you the activation code. Type that in and WhatsApp should now be verified.
  • It is a rare case if you still don’t get the account activated after following all these techniques. Check for any call-blocking features or apps or task killers and disable them.

About WhatsApp: Whatsapp messenger is one of the leading mobile application which helps in sharing media, messages, files etc with friends by Phone. WhatsApp Inc started with a vision to provide easy SMS alternative by using the mobile network. It has chosen the smartphone platform as it is the booming segment and supports in all platforms like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian etc. The app can be downloaded at free of cost and the application uses the same internet data plan as used for Email and web browsing. Even the app allows the users to create group and help in sharing the unlimited images, locations, messages, audio and video messages at free of cost. The app can be used globally and supports many languages. The technical team of the company is engaged in making the app available to everyone in the world by translating it into other languages.

Twitter Handle : https://twitter.com/whatsapp

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