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Snickers is a brand name of Chocolate bar which was introduced by Mars, Inc company in the year 1930.
The chocolate contains peanuts , nougat and caramel with chocolate coating. It was sold under the name of Marathon. It offers wide range of snickers products like dark chocolate, snickers mini, snickers peanuts butter bars, Snickers with almonds, ice cream bars etc These products are sold globally in market with various sizes and shapes. “Snicker’s Bar Chunks and Cheesecake” is produced in “The Cheesecake Factory” that are topped with peanuts and chocolate sauce which severs for the plate presentation. Snickers cake, snickers celebration , snickers crazy peanuts, snickers Minis, snickers dark snickers Gold etc are different types of chocolate flavors offered by company.

Snickers Customer Support India

For any queries for your products you can contact Snickers Customer Care India by filling the details given in the Contact Form where you have to include all details like Name, Email Id, Phone Number, Subject and Comments about the product and company service clearly in the Contact Form and the form is shown below for your reference. The Customer Support team supports you by sending an appropriate solution to your email id which you would mention in the Contact Us form.

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If you need any further information about the snickers, you can refer the Website

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