Sanyo Refrigerator Customer Service Number

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SanyoRefrigerator Customer Service Number-The customers can contact the Sanyo Refrigerator customer Service Phone number which is provided below to report any issues related to Sanyo Refrigerator.

Sanyo refrigerators are available in wide range of models under categories like compact, counterhigh, large and apartment size and beverage coolers. It features full width food compartment zones, many shelves with glass crisper lid, full width doors, power consumption features etc. All its models are available in different colors and varied sizes. Sanyo refrigerators come with the latest in built technological features along with stylish designs.

sanyo refrigerator customer service phone number

Sanyo Refrigerator Contact Number : +91-80-30554600

Fax: +91-80-28472579

Customers if you have any problems in Sanyo Refrigerator, just mail your queries to Sanyo Refrigerator Customer Care Email :

For more information about Sanyo Refrigerator ,visit the official website of the company. Sanyo company even welcomes the feedback from the customers. To provide suggestion or feedback in the feedback column provided by the company, kindly follow the link.

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