Tikona Customer Care Number, Address, Email Support & Website

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Listed below are Tikona Customer Care Number , Company address, website and email support of the company. For customers who would like to call for any queries/complaints they might contact Tikona Broadband services with regard.

Tikona India LogoTikona broadband is bought to you by Tikona Digital Networks which was founded in mid 2008 by veterans from the telecom industry, who have built some of the largest networks in India for mobile, enterprise, broadband and DTH services.

Tikona has steadily created its brand in the Indian market and is one of the leading next generation wireless broadband service providers for home and office. The are building comprehensive services in the cutting edge voice, video, IT applications and multimedia content services.

Tikona Customer Care Toll Free Number – 18002094276

Tikona Broadband Subscription Toll Free Number – 18002090044

Corporate Office Address:

Corpora’, Office 3A,
3rd Floor, LBS Marg,
Bhandup (West),
Mumbai – 400078.

Email Support : customercare@tikona.in

Website: http://www.tikona.in

City-wise numbers of Tikona Broadband
Bangalore – 080- 4036 7777
Gurgaon – 18002094276
Noida – 011- 4313 8200
Mumbai – 020- 6604 7373
Hyderabad – 040- 4000 0216

Tikona Advanced Technical Care Hotline: 022-33998888.

If you have any queries you can either write to the Email Support it or call the Tikona Toll Free Number listed above.

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2 Responses to “Tikona Customer Care Number, Address, Email Support & Website”

  1. Kushagra Mittal says:

    The issue got resolved later. I am not sure about billing, but I am now getting good speeds, with lesser number of packets dropping.

  2. Kushagra Mittal says:

    Today I got a bill of Rs. 2800 – without using a single byte of bandwidth. As a matter of fact they have not only refused to return my deposit of Rs. 2300, but have also billed me till 25th February. This is in spite of the fact that I do not even have the physical connection provided by Tikona.

    I have a few questions:

    1. If my location was declared infeasible by entire Tikona team of Jaipur for what was I billed?

    2. As per bill also (though there is no logic behind figures) the usage is shown as 3.6 GB. If billing is calculated on even usage basis it comes to Rs. 70 and not 2 800.

    3. I placed cancellation request 3 days after getting the connection. Is it justified for the company to charge me for 2 months – and that too when I the connection is not installed physically as well?

    4. I got at least 3 calls from Tikona all confirming that I would get Rs. 2 300 refunded. Were they fake?

    5. Will I also get extortion calls from Tikona clerks for remaining amount? (It is good that I did not apply for a leased line)

    6. What about those customers who do not get time to visit the consumer courts? Is there any agency available online which provides protection against such frauds?

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