Sassy Customer Care, Contact Details, Website Address

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Sassy is baby products manufacturing company that was started in the year 1982 and the head office of the company is located in Northbrook and the manufacturing facility was located in Grand Rapids. The line of products includes infant bouncer seat, feeding items, nursing items etc. The company started manufacturing toys from the year 1996 which help babies to play during the first year of their life with these toys. All these toys are of bright colors, excellent quality and because of these features, these toys became the favorite brand for parents and also babies with in short period of time.

The company took the task of producing the baby products very seriously with its focus on the product design making babies feel comfortable using these products. The passion for fashion assures mom that her baby is also going to be exactly like her and have fun all the time.

Sassy Baby Customer Service:

Listed below are the contact details of the company that helps its customers to get their queries or issues related to the products solved by customer service people.

For any suggestions or feedback related to the company, you can refer the Contact Form and the snapshot of the form is shown below for reference.

Sassy - Contact - Form

For more details about the company and its products, you can refer the company Website .

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