Aquaguard Customer Care Number, Customer Service Phone Number, Online Complaints

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Aquaguard Aquaguard – Aquaguard is the famous water purifying solutions from the Eureka Forbes group which has become one of the leading Indian Domestic Direct to Customer retailer with over 7000 trained sales professionals and with over 10000 dealers in India.

Aquaguard Water Purifiers – Water purifiers range from Eurekha is wide and fits all household needs and budgets, the company has different water purifiers with the Aquaguard product range named Aquaguard UV, Aquaguard RO, Aquaguard UF, AquaSure RO, AquaSure UV, AquaSure Storage, Aquaguard UV+RO+UF.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number: Customers who have issues with regard to their water purifiers can contact the Aquaguard Customer Care and Service Centre Numbers given below. Pls ensure that you have the Model Name, Model Number, Purchase date & dealer details for speedy resolution of your issue by the customer service representatives. Customers who need more information about the Aquaguard AMC plans also can inquire here.

Aquaguard Customer Service Number: 39883333 (Indiawide, pls prefix the STD code of your city before this number eg: to contact Aquaguard Bangalore Customer Care Numbers pls dial 080 – 39883333)

Given below are for the few cities in India.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Delhi : 011 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Mumbai: 022 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Kolkata: 033 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Chennai: 044- 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Hyderabad: 040 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Bangalore: 080 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Pune: 020 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Chandigarh: 0172 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Lucknow: 0522 – 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Care Number Bhubaneswar: 0674- 39883333.

Aquaguard Customer Service Online Request : If you have any complaints or issues you can use the online service request form and raise your complaints with Eureka Forbes.

In case if you want to write an email to Eurekha , you can do at :

For Aquaguard DEMO you can SMS the company with the following code

SMS “AG” to 566775
SMS “EC” to 566775

Have a Complaint to post on this organization!!! Simply raise it at our Customer Care forums!

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64 Responses to “Aquaguard Customer Care Number, Customer Service Phone Number, Online Complaints”

  1. Prof. Kalyan Kundu says:

    To whom it may concern

    I have an aquaguard water purifier since 1995. I purchased it in Bhubaneswar. As long as I lived in Bhubaneswar, I had no problem with the service. I had my AMC. Service-man used to come twice a year to change carbon and once to change candle. I left Bhubaneswar last December and settling in Santinikeatn, Birbhum. West Bengal.

    To install my aqua guard machine I contacted Chatterjee and sons, Dangalpara (near jail gate), Suri, Birbhum, 9434063592. After a lot of hassles, mechanic came and installed the machine. Now this machine has developed a small external problem. After calling the center several times, mechanic came. Then he said, “well, the aluminum cap needs to be replaced. It is leaking.” I said, “OK. how long will it take ?” He told me, ” it will take about fifteen days.” It is now more than three months. Nothing happened.

    Another important point is that I have AMC still Sept. 2015. But, carbon was not changed in February in spite of the knowledge of AMC. Iron filter was not changed.
    Today I called again. Then I was told to contact another number around 8 pm. This is unbelievable.

    I suppose, West Bengal is a state of cheats and chit funds. They are extremely interested to sell a new machine, but hardly care for honoring AMC in spite of the fact that a customer is paying through his/her nose.

    Prof. Kalyan Kundu
    C/o Mr. Sriranjan Bhattacharjee
    Harmony House
    Andrews ally
    Santiniketan 731235
    Birbhum , West Bengal.

  2. LT COL SANTHOSH says:


    Dear Sir,

    1. I had purchased a Spring Fresh DX RO Protection Aqua Sure water filter from INCS, Kochi approx. a year back. However, the tap used to dispense water developed a defect. Numerous complaints have lodged as per details given below, however no one has bothered to repair the same:-
    Complaint Number 78022384 on 03 Sep
    Reminded on following dates:- 06 Sep
    08 Sep
    09 Sep
    2. Your irresponsible executive gives ABC Service Centre number 8893663635 and orders us to call them who are least bothered about anything. All poorly organised set up you have PATHETIC and DISGRACING
    3. My wife is regularly ringing up your Customer care centres on a daily basis. However no one has bothered to visit house and rectify the issue.
    4. Under these circumstances, which amounts to cheating, I will be approaching Canteen Stores Department to ban all your products and cancel further procurements. It clearly evident that you all are not bothered to give after sales service. I am also taking up the case with Vice Admiral in Kochi and Canteen Area Manager to stop supplying Aqua Sure to defence personnels through Canteen Stores across the country so that they are not getting cheated by a group of money making machines.
    5. I want my Aqua sure to be repaired in 05 days time I, by 15 Sep. Else I will proceed against your company as mentioned above.

    Lt Col Santhosh.K.M(Retd)
    D-37, Jal Vayu Vihar, Mundam Veli
    Res 0484-2233001
    Mob 07718823735

  3. vishnuvardhanreddy g says:

    plesae cantact us 09246546667 vishnu

  4. Abhilash says:

    This is a horrible company with no service for customers. Raised a request to service a water purifier and had to call them 100 times to recheck as no one turned up. every time they give a new request number. moreover they do not have any escalation process. of all the products i have in my house, aquaguard has the worst service. i am seriously shocked how this company is even surviving!! sincere advise to potential customers. never waste your hard earned money on buying products of this crappy company called Eureka forbes

  5. Sayed imran says:

    Kindly give me the contact no.of aquagard dealer in nagaur rajasthan.My contact 9413039273 s m imran

  6. R. P. Mahajan says:

    I have taken two rear contract and 13 months have passed. I have complained on 30 Dec about malfunctioning. Complaint No is 74520800 The record of subsequent reminders is with you. But no action. Today yr no says: ‘cannot be reached.’

    I cant sit at home all my life. Do something today.


  7. We are proud to had the products from AQUAGUARD water purifier then vacuum cleaner. But landed in such irritating stage that there is hardly any support from this company. Myself also working in multinational company but never ever seen such kind of caose. How many time one should visit to your local service center and how many time one should place the complaint on site. But no one bother about any complaint as such.
    I really fed off with your company which is most horrible experience in my life.
    We have in contact with your service center No 9923408851 karvenagar Pune. The poor fellow keep on baging for spares but he is helpless to get the spares since last six months.
    The spares are not available in open market also.
    Your supporting team is most horrible they pay visit us and never show the face again, if next person come for visit he is completely unknown about our case. This treatment should be given to AQUAGUARD MD / service centre chief who is most ideal person to punish the way are suffering.
    I have the vacuum cleaner model -X4 which is under repair since last more than year.
    My contact No is 7798884415- Patil H B
    I hope will get suitable reply on top priority.
    No regards,

  8. Krishna says:


    So this is what is it, we bought an Aquaguard Duo from Sneha Synergies located in New Thipassandra, Bangalore on 15 Sept, 2013. I got theie contant through just dial. When they had to sell their product, the sales executive of Sneha Synergies relentlessly called for more than 50 times, after the Aquaguard stopped working in a month, they told me get a service done straight from the company.

    Here my story begins with customer care executives for Bangalore location:
    1. They laugh their heads’ off at their customer’s plight (I could hear it through phone)
    2. They lie to, and then come up with sentences like, “we said 24 working hours.” So, one has to be a smart customer to instantly calculate 24 working hours and get yourself prepared for no-water days.
    3. Service technicians don’t show up even after 48 working hours, but someone from the customer care calls to take a feed back.
    4. Even the senior management doesn’t know to deal with customers.


  9. Tapas Swain says:

    I have an Aquaguard water purifier (Classic model) for last 3+ years.
    And we have taken from a Aquaguard Vendor : Mahavir Bazar, Dhenkanal,Odisha.

    Currently, the flow of my water purifier is very poor and so i lodge a complain of the above matter on the dealer of aquaguard Mahavir Bazar, Dhenkanal,Odisha before 3 months ago. We got a reply that a person would visit within 24/48 hrs. Uptill now no one has arrived.We requested for a senior person, still there was no response and now again we are facing the same issue.It so happing that due to these agencies, Aquaguard is losing the fame.Now even I am thinking of changing the brand.

    After purchaging the Aquaguard unavailable of service is a serious problem for the customer.

  10. Toshendra Anand says:

    Such a bad after sales service from aqua guard.

    I am chasing for last one week for install my water purifier in my new house (I changed my house)
    First of all Bangalore customer care number is not responding after you select specific option.
    Even it goes through after 10 15 tries , no satisfactory answer all fake promises , they are not ready to give me the ticket number , every time they promise that some technician will attend in 24 hrs , nothing happened. In 5th conversation I got the complaint number as 88492659 and a promise that it will be attended in 24 hrs . still all air …..

    One more thing I forget …service centre pass the details to some unauthorised guys who are ready to get the issue fix immediately but with 1000+ charge …

    I just wonder how to react …..

  11. Himanshu Sharma says:


    I am customer of your Water Purifier Aqua Sure form last 2years. I have already installed 4 to 5 purifier in my different houses. Every where service was very good, but in Case of Amritsar, I am very irrirate with your service.
    I had installed Water Purifier Aqua Sure in Amritsar on 12 February 2013 and as per service man after 3 months service wil be conducted by us as free service provided by your company.
    Then on 14 may 2013, I called Mr. Joginder Singh having cell no. 8054171573. and said our 3 months have been completed please come and service it, he replied you have to paid money for it as your 3 months have not completed yet as per our details. After insisting a lot he said ok I will tell you in same evening, but he don’t reply. Then today on 18 may 2013 I again called to him he said some one in office told him about service time period, I asked who is that, he refused to say.

    I don’t know what is happening here, Your employee Mr. Joginder Singh having cell no. 8054171573 ask money for free service then please tell me what is use of free word.

    If one can buy R.O of Aqua Sure of Rs 10000/- Then they can definitely afford their service of Rs 1000/- whatever, But service through company gives mental safisfaction to customer.

    Please look into this matter seriously as it will ruin your image and my blind faith in you.

    Himanshu Sharma
    Date of purchase: 12 February 2013
    Aqua Sure

  12. Rajesh Karnik says:

    I have an Aquaguard water purifier (Classic model) for last 12+ years.
    And we have taken AMC from a Aquaguard Vendor : Gurukrupa Agency, Office at Kasarwadi.
    For last 8-10 years we are having this AMC.

    Currently, my water purifier is not working and so yesterday morning (29th Apr) we had given a Complaint.
    We got a reply that a person would visit within 24 hrs.
    Uptill now NO one has arrived and now no one is receiving our Calls.

    The same problem was there with the Machine 15 days back.
    The service center had taken 8 days to fix the issue.
    After many follow-up calls, the same service engineer would come and do some experiments on the machine.
    I am sure he is not able to tackle the problem.
    We requested for a senior person, still there was no response.

    And now again we are facing the same issue.
    It so happing that due to these agencies, Aquaguard is losing the fame.
    Now even I am thinking of changing the brand.

    I hope someone understands the seriousness of the Issue.

  13. Kavita says:


    I purchased Acqua Gard RO on 28th of Nov 2012 . from till date I did not receive my Invoice , I called many times to customer care exe ( Pune ) but every time they told within 45 days you will receive your invoice after that i asked for soft copy of bill but only assurance no result . Now my first free service is due on 23rd march but no response from pune and i called customer care exe but they disconnected my ph 4 times .
    executive from which i purchase this purifier his id no is (9061554 – Mangesh Patil )
    If no action will be taken against my complaint i ll definitely go to consumer court .

  14. Radhika Sambuvannian says:

    I was complained to your local service centre for servicing of our Aqua guard RO Machines, the local service centre person (selva raj) spoke to my parents badly without respect.
    2 months back he came and removes the automatic stopping the item (once the water tank filled) and not yet replaced. How he can scold badly customers?…
    Is this good service?.. I never seen like this……..
    Surely I will go to consumer court for this………………
    My question is, that automatically stopping the electronic item worked perfectly and why the local service man removed?..
    Before he’s removing he must have the replacing item for that rite?

    Erode Local Service Centre (Phone No.9865603636 – Kaliyappan)
    If 1 liter of sweet water filtering means outage 3 liter’s are going…. After the last service.
    This kind of Service Centre make a bad impression to your company, hope for better service from your end.

    Radhika Sambuvannian.

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